While attending the premiere of the movie musical adaption of Mean Girls in New York City, Tina Fey and her husband, Jeff Richmond, who is also a composer, are celebrating the film.

After getting married in 2001, the pair collaborated on the writing of the musical theater version of the comedy classic that was released in 2004, which Fey also authored. Alice, who is 18 years old, and Penelope, who is 12 years old, are their daughters.

This is not the first time that the two individuals have worked together. In the past, Fey and Richmond collaborated on performances at Saturday Night Live and on the comedy 30 Rock, which Fey now hosts. Richmond served as an executive producer and composer for the Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which Fey had co-created. His work was completed in 2015.

It was in 2018 that the musical Mean Girls made its debut on Broadway, and it will remain there until 2020. Within the same year, it was disclosed that Paramount Pictures intended to adapt the musical from the stage to the big screen. Together with Fey, who is 53 years old, Lorne Michaels made a comeback as a producer at the same time.

Richmond, who is 63 years old, recreated the songs from the stage musical for the soundtrack of a movie. There will be eleven songs from the original playbook included on the soundtrack of the film, in addition to two original songs, one of which was written by Reneé Rapp and Megan Thee Stallion, and the other of which was written by Reneé Rapp.

Performing the characters of Ms. Norbury and Principal Duvall, respectively, that they played in the original production from 2004, Fey and Tim Meadows reprise their roles. Additionally, Rapp, Angourie Rice, Auli’i Cravalho, Christopher Briney, Busy Philipps, Jaquel Spivey, Avantika, and Bebe Wood are also a part of the cast of the film that will be released in 2024.

Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, is a housewife who attends a public high school for the first time. The original Mean Girls follows her as she navigates her first year of high school. In order to encourage her to enter and disrupt the Plastics, she becomes friends with Janis (played by Lizzy Caplan) and Damien (played by Daniel Franzese). The Plastics are comprised of Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams), Gretchen Wieners (played by Lacey Chabert), and Karen Smith (played by Amanda Seyfried).

As a result of the film’s ninety minutes of youthful anarchy, cattiness, and social issues, it has become a standard in the comedy genre. Currently, it is being brought back to the theaters in the shape of a musical production.

On January 12, Mean Girls will be released in cinemas around the country.

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