Jo Koy, who will host the Golden Globes in 2024, is being defended by Whoopi Goldberg.

During the award event that took place on Sunday night, Koy, who is 52 years old, got remarks that ranged from positive to unfavorable. As the episode of The View aired on Monday, Goldberg, who is 68 years old, expressed her sympathy to the comic.

In his explanation, Goldberg, who has hosted the Academy Awards four times (1994, 1996, 1999, and 2002), said that “these hosting gigs are brutal — just brutal.”

“If you are unfamiliar with the setting, if you have never been in these rooms before, and you are kind of thrown straight into the middle of the action. It is a matter of chance,” she said.

“At this point, I adore Jo Koy. Since he is hilarious, he is the one that drives me absolutely insane. I have no idea whether it was the room or anything else. It is not clear to me if the jokes were the cause. In addition, I was unable to witness it,” Goldberg said. “However, I am aware that he is among the very best standup comedians that the world has to offer. The game is not a simple one to play.”

“If you read any of the reviews of some of the gigs that I’ve had [laughs], where they’ve just you know, whisked me into the cornfield [laughs] to pass away on the vine,” the winner of the Epic Game of Thrones poked light at her own previous experiences as a presenter. You know, it’s not exactly a simple job.”

During the time when Goldberg was continuing to defend the stand-up comic, her co-host on The View, Sara Haines, said that she adores Koy and found herself “nervous for him.”

In addition, Alyssa Farah Griffin expressed her admiration for the comic, stating that he is “one of her favorite guests” on The View. “I think that he is such an inherently nice person that doing more of a roast is not natural for him,” Griffin reportedly mused. “I think that he is just naturally nice.”

Despite the fact that a few of Koy’s jokes were met with icy replies, he said to People that he would “love to” host the awards presentation once again. Specifically, “with five months, not nine days,” Koy said. CBS issued a press release on December 21 announcing that he will be presenting the show.

While Koy was delivering the opening address, he deviated from the script and blamed his lack of preparation time. “Yo, I received this thing ten days ago. Do you want a speech that is flawless? Don’t be too loud. I’m not joking around now. Do you agree? “Take a deep breath,” he said from the stage. There are some of them that I have written, and those are the ones that you are laughing at.

The little distraction that Koy provided came after he had finished making jokes about the victors of the evening, Oppenheimer and Barbie.

“The novel Oppenheimer is based on a book on the Manhattan Project that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize and was 721 pages long. Additionally, Barbie is modeled after a plastic doll that has large breasts.

In contrast, Koy deviated from the script for a short moment after the joke did not elicit a shout of laughter from the audience. After that, he abruptly returned to his monologue and introduced a joke on Taylor Swift, which was as follows: What is the most significant difference between the NFL and the Golden Globes? On the Golden Globes, we have less camera shots of Taylor Swift,” he stated, adding, “I swear, there’s simply more to go to.” It is true that there are more to go to.

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