At long last, Mark Hamill was able to meet Natalie Portman, his mother from Star Wars.

The actor, who is 72 years old, posted a picture of himself smiling with the Oscar winner, who is 42 years old, when they were both present at the Golden Globes in 2024. The award for a new category, cinematic box office accomplishment, was given by Hamill, while Portman was nominated for her film May December. Barbie was the recipient of the prize, which was finally awarded to her.

“Now I have finally met my’mother,’ thanks to the @goldenglobes,” Hamill wrote in the caption of the photo.

It is well knowledge that Hamill portrayed the role of Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars trilogy, beginning with the film A New Hope in 1977. In the meanwhile, Portman played the role of Padmé Amidala in the prequel trilogy, which was first featured in the film The Phantom Menace in 1999. Padmé, who was memorably portrayed by Carrie Fisher before she passed away, is revealed to be The Force’s mother to Luke and Leia.

In June of 2018, Hamill said that he had never been introduced to Portman. Hamill, who had previously reprised his role as Luke in the most recent blockbuster Star Wars trilogy, continued to play the part of Luke. It was around that time that he posted the following on X: “FUN FACT: I’ve never met this woman.”

Over the course of the next week, Portman was questioned about this matter on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. In response, she said, “I know, It’s such a shame, I would love to meet him.” I am quite interested in meeting you, Mark. How are you doing? “Come on over!!

The actor Hayden Christensen, who portrayed the role of Hamill’s character’s father in the prequel films, has been introduced to Hamill by Portman’s co-star. They participated at the Star Wars Celebration, which took place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, on April 13, 2017, where they posed together.

In April 2020, Hamill commented on his Instagram account, “SHOUT OUT to Hayden Christensen for no particular reason, other than being amongst the coolest of Canadians – a father young enough to be my son – & the one & only one I know they call the ‘Chosen One.'”

Portman said in an interview with GQ in May that she would be willing to reprise her part in a subsequent Star Wars film. “No one’s ever asked me to return, but I’m open to it,” she said at the time.

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