TikTok user Rescuermg was on her way to the bakery to pick up some treats for her colleagues when she came across something that compelled her to pull over quickly. She passed past a box that had been left on the side of the road, and as she did so, two little pups rushed out of it.

As soon as she exited her vehicle, the pups came bounding over to her in a friendly manner. They were curious and wary of one another at the same time, wagging their tails and looking over their possible new companion. The veteran rescuer had little trouble determining straight away that she would be taking the pups with her. There could have been no other result.

@rescuermg GRAPHIC CONTENT: I got a message on fb about this poor baby from a city worker in a small rural town while I was on my lunch today. I rushed over as quickly as I could to try and secure her. She apparently has been a stray in the area for close to a month and I was told that she has been like this for a week (I have no way of knowing if that’s true or not) She is now safe and at the vets. We believe she not only has a prolapsed rectum, but uterus as well, but waiting on an update from the vet still. I won’t speculate on the cause of her injuries. Side note: Please don’t come for me over the HORRIBLE accent, my moms from Cork, it’s calming to me and I tend to use it on the hurt. I’ll try to stop myself from using it in future videos. To get updates on this babies story and donate towards her care you can follow @rochellesteffen! She runs a rescue called Mac’s Mission, and they take on a lot of hard cases like this. If you would like to donate towards my gas and other rescue related expenses my PayPal and Venmo info is in my bio #dog #dogsoftiktok #dogrescue #rescue #hurtdog #rescuedog #rescuedogsoftiktok #macsmissionrescue #dogsofmissouri #missouridogs #southeastmissouri ♬ original sound – Rmg

She picked up the first dog and carried her to the vehicle as the second puppy stood there watching, looking a little bewildered. Before picking up the second puppy, she made sure there were no additional pups in the box by checking the area surrounding the box. The second puppy was difficult to get her attention since she was barking and running about, trying to figure out what was going on.

In a TikTok video detailing the rescue, the user Rescuermg said, “She was urging me to hurry up and get her in the vehicle.”

@rescuermg Puppy update: The girls have had a good day so far! Think we’ve finally got all the worms out 🙌🏻 maybe we won’t have as much mess to clean up (who are we kidding they’re puppies 😂) you can see how thin they really are now, but I’m sure they’ll be fat and happy before to long! I think they’re German shepherd mixes with maybe some husky thrown in? They like to sing the song of their people, which I’ve found both breeds tend to enjoy doing 😂 Please spay/neuter, be a responsible pet owner, get involved with your local rescue, and be a good human! #rescue #rescuedog #puppiesoftiktok #puppy #puppyplay #puppyplaytime #rescuepuppy #happypuppies #southeastmissouri #missouridog ♬ Happy Days – Lux-Inspira

The worker’s expectation was that the lady would return with some cookies, but instead, she brought pups.

She hastened to have them cleaned up at her house and hence brought them there straight away. All of the pups were filthy and starving, and it was obvious how relieved they were to finally be in a place that was both secure and warm. It took many days to get them completely clean and back on track to a healthy route, but once we did, their funny puppy personalities began to emerge for the first time in a long time.

@rescuermg Both little girls are doing great! They’re eating well, have pooped out a LOT of worms 🤢, have plenty of energy, and a lot to say! They had to have a second bath this morning since the dewormer did it’s job and they didn’t care about stepping in their mess. Oh the joys of puppy fostering am I right 😂 Puppies at their age are considered NOPOG (No Paws On The Ground) so they will have to stay in the pen, or other sanitized areas until they’ve had all their shots. This way they don’t risk exposure to any diseases spread by other dogs. I have started videoing these rescues to spread awareness of what is going on in my area (and many others) and to hopefully inspire change, and for people to help make a difference in lives like theirs. These videos aren’t for views, clout, or praise. I’ve been doing this for several years now without any of that and honestly it makes me uncomfortable. Im a low key, private type of person and attention makes me feel awkward. I’m a single mom of two boys, I work a full time job, and I make no money from helping abandoned souls like this. I know seeing some of the things I’ve posted is hard, but I want folks to see my reality. I hope they see these videos and are inspired to reach out to their local rescues and offer to foster, or donate time and money to their life saving efforts. These shepherd mix girls will be going to a licensed rescue in Wisconsin in a few weeks once they’ve had some more vetting and get a health certificate from the vet to cross state lines. Please spay/neuter your pets. Please be their voice. Please ask for help if you need it. We have a post up on Facebook but maybe it will reach the owner of these pups here…please reach out to me, so we can get your momma dog fixed! #puppies #puppiesoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #puppyrescue #puppyfoster #puppytiktok #spayandneuter #fixyourdog #rescuedog #rescuedogsoftiktok #whitewomenrescue #southeastmissouri ♬ Here I Am – End Title – Bryan Adams

Their savior was successful in locating a family that could provide them with a temporary home, and the new owners gave the puppies the names Brownie and Blondie. They were finally on their way after being dropped off at the veterinarian and given enough time for their new foster mother to get everything set.

TikTok user Rescuermg undoubtedly did not anticipate discovering pups on that particular day, but the fact that she was able to do so has brought joy to everyone.

@rescuermg I just left work to go get some cookies for my coworkers 😭 I turned down a service road on my way back and thankfully spotted these two scurrying across the road. It appears they were dumped there with only that box for “shelter.” It was in the 30s-40s today with a chilly wind. They were sticky and gross. They’re emaciated and dehydrated. But they’re safe now. They’ve been bathed, fed, given dewormer, and 5 way shots. They could’ve been prevented if someone had only had their female dog fixed. I did search around for more puppies, but none appeared. #dogs #puppies #dogsoftiktok #puppiesoftiktok #puppylove #rescue #rescuedog#dogrescue #dogrescuecheck #spayandneuter #spayyourdog #bootsonthegroundrescue #whitewomanrescue #fixyourdamndog #southeastmissouri #missouridog ♬ original sound – Rmg

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