This dog was rescued and eventually adopted by a lady who promised her that she would never again have to go through anything that would cause her pain. But, the family was unable to take the pet with them when they relocated from one state to another. The worried owners of the dog looked for their pet for a period of four years until they finally located her.

After coming across a stray dog that was in bad health, a couple made the decision to take the dog to a medical facility for treatment. After living on the streets for four years, the dog was diagnosed with arthritis, had an ear infection, and had a skin infection.

The support staff made an attempt to get in touch with the dog’s owners by posting a photo of the animal on their social media page, where it was immediately seen by the owner of the dog. The lady continues, “I just couldn’t hold out any longer. -” That was simply too much for me to bear to think of the puppy being left all by herself as she waited for her “mother.” The interaction turned out to be really upsetting in the end.

After a lengthy separation, everyone was struck with emotion as they witnessed the lady and the dog finally make up with one another. She said that she had never stopped believing that the dog would be found. She spent four years looking for a dog, during which time she contacted several rescue organizations and posted information about the animal on various social media platforms.

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