There are a lot of people who are aware of the fact that Steven Seagal, who is a director, producer, actor, and singer, received the sought-after legal document that allowed him to become a Russian citizen three years ago. To summarize, Seagle’s acting career didn’t get off the ground until he was 36 years old, when he played his first part in the movie “Beyond the Law.”

Others were also interested in lovely Stephen’s personal life, which, by the way, was an eventful one. Many were captivated by Stephen’s personal life. She is the mother of seven children, four of which are girls, and she is now 67 years old. Let’s take a peek at how they behave these days, shall we?

This young lady is Seagle’s firstborn child from her first marriage, and she has the title of her mother’s oldest daughter. Ayako is 40 years old and works in the entertainment industry; however, she has been on maternity leave for the last several years and is now taking care of her kid.

Annalize Segal Due to the fact that she is not a media personality and avoids the limelight, not a lot of people are familiar with Seagal’s third wife’s child. The only information we have on her is her age and the fact that her mother is the famous model Kelly Lebrock.

Annalize Segal The kid of Seagal’s third wife is a mystery, since she is not a public figure and shies away from the limelight. As a result, very little is known about the child. We only know her age and that her mother is the famous model Kelly Lebrock, but nothing more about her. Her mother is her only known relative.

Swann Segal is an actor that is rather well-known. A romantic relationship between Stephen’s nanny and the woman who cares for his other children resulted in the birth of Stephen’s youngest daughter. The previous marriage did, in fact, terminate as a direct consequence of this, although the relationship with the nanny did not last very long at all. Savannah is a young woman who has shown that she is very brilliant and smart. She lives with her mother.

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