She was only given a few weeks to live, so the pilot flew her to her adoptive family’s home 400 miles away so that she could spend her last weeks with them.

Regrettably, not every animal that is housed in a shelter is adopted by a loving family. A senior canine named Ashlyn was taken to an animal shelter in North Carolina when it was revealed that she was suffering from cancer.

The poor four-footer only had a few days left to live, but a pilot made sure that she spent those days being cared for to the fullest possible extent. It all began when Ashlyn had a day when she felt a bit down, and it became obvious pretty quickly that she was unwell. It was determined by the vets that the patient had cancer, and there were multiple tumors found beneath the skin.

Poor Ashlyn was exhausted to the point that she could no longer run or play at one point. The animal shelter does not have a method to get her there quickly, and the little dog did not have very much longer to live. Yet, there was one guy who appeared out of nowhere and saved the day in a spectacular way. Ashlyn will be there as soon as possible, according to Paul Steklenski, the head of Flying Fur Animal Rescue and an experienced pilot who made the promise.

The flight was fun for the little guy who was just four feet tall.

Paul sent along some pictures that he and a buddy had taken when they were up in the air together, and they are both endearing and enthralling to look at. It took Ashlyn a few moments to get adjusted to the wind, but now that she has, it is clear that she is having a good time. Paul rewarded her with dog biscuits whenever the dog showed signs of anxiety in response to the wind.

Tracy Lancer, a wonderful and sympathetic lady who would see to it that Ashlyn had plenty of attention and delicate loving care, took up the responsibility of caring for the dog. In spite of this, Tracy was taken aback to find Ashlyn in such a sorry situation.

The weight that Ashlyn had lost was eventually gained again, and Tracy made sure that she had the very finest medical care possible.

In spite of the fact that Ashlyn only had a few weeks left to live, she is in excellent health at the moment.

In point of fact, if you look closely, you’ll see that she’s become a whole new dog. Both her physical health and her mental state have been in good shape recently. Ashlyn has reverted to her younger, more impressionable self, complete with limitless potential.

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