The mere presence of a pet has the enchanted power to improve any circumstance by a factor of ten thousand. When you go back home after a long day at work or school feeling exhausted and with little to no motivation to accomplish anything at all, sometimes all it takes for you to feel better is the simple sight of your fluffy one coming to meet you. This is especially true if you have a dog or a cat.

There are also instances in which you are required to go to work or school, but you would prefer not to abandon your pet while you are gone. We are unable to bring our adorable tiny stuffed animals with us wherever we go… or are we?

Ba Dun is a cute Munchkin cat that is one years old and is from China.

A video that was uploaded on Douyin not too long ago and has since gained a lot of attention because of how cute it is depicts a fluffy cat dozing off inside of a school desk. After he wouldn’t allow his owner leave the house without him, his owner, Ms. Wen, reportedly made the decision to bring her Munchkin cat, who is one year old, along with her to class with her.

After not allowing his owner to leave the house without him for quite some time, his owner has recently begun sneaking him into university classes.
According to the owner of Ba Dun, who spoke to MailOnline about his pet, “Ba Dun kept snuggling up to my leg and looked so unhappy because he wanted me to remain with him.” “However, I was already really late for my lesson. I just couldn’t face the thought of disappointing him, so I carried him into the classroom with me.

As can be seen, Ba Dun did his best to maintain his composure and avoid getting himself into any difficulty. It’s almost as if he was aware that he was embarking on a significant journey. According to what the owner shared with MailOnline, “He was being incredibly nice and didn’t make any noises.” It would seem that the professor was unaware of anything out of the ordinary and only learned about all of this after the video became very popular.

The professor was unaware of anything out of the ordinary and found out about this only after the video became widely seen online.

In case you were wondering, the name of the cat is Ba Dun, and it has been suggested that the name may be roughly translated as “eight dinners.” “He could absolutely eat eight meals every day if I allowed him,” the owner told MailOnline while explaining the genesis of the cat’s tongue-in-cheek moniker. “He could definitely eat eight meals every day if I let him.”

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