Breanna Bond has firsthand experience with the teasing and bullying that may occur among peers.

Even while she was in primary school, many had the impression that the girl was overweight. She had always been a little bit heavier than she should have been, but by the time she started the first grade, her weight was 45 kg. She maintained her weight growth from year to year.

She weighed eighty-four kg and was eight years old. The young lady had a difficult time walking. She needed to take frequent breaks to catch her breath. Naturally, Bond was subjected to a never-ending stream of criticism when he was at school. When she went home from school, she would constantly cry her eyes out.

As a direct consequence of her parents’ indulgent behavior toward her, she developed an obesity problem. Breanna’s diet consisted mostly of sugary treats and quick service restaurants. They went to fast food places with the whole family more often than once per week on average. In addition, the daughter was the only one who was affected by consuming items that were high in calories.

After coming to the conclusion that the child’s wellbeing was in peril, her parents took the child to the doctor. The girl’s parents had a hunch that she could have some kind of health problem, but when they checked, they couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

The diagnosis turned out to be obesity, which wasn’t a terrible thing in and of itself. The nutritionist had specific recommendations for her diet. In addition to that, she was expected to participate in sports and walk a lot.

After that, there were no sweets or fast food left in the house that belonged to the Bond family. The infant and his or her parents got themselves arranged and began strolling for a significant distance. After being placed in the swimming category, the girl began participating in other sports including basketball and running.

Getting started was the most difficult aspect.

In the beginning, Breanna had a hard time and she often became weary. The young lady was always hungry. She is now aware that there were times when she had resentment against her parents because of the restrictions they placed on her ability to consume sweets and junk food. However, the changes took effect really rapidly. The girl who had a weight problem was making rapid progress in her weight loss. First with a little, and then gradually increasing amounts.

After a while, the pupils stopped making fun of her. They also remarked on Breanna’s ongoing physical development and progress.

The young woman asserts that when they were both in the pool, an old friend of hers whom she hadn’t seen in a very long time behaved in a very peculiar manner toward her by ignoring her completely. Breanna has undergone a remarkable transformation. Within a year, the young lady lost a total of 35 kg.

Everything that has been changed for the better has only helped. Not only did Breanna stop using the derogatory nicknames, but she also became much more successful in sports. When he was thirteen years old, Bond competed in the Olympic Games that were held for teenagers. Additionally, she is a member of the school’s cheerleading team at the present time. Breanna was able to conquer her struggles with her weight. Now that she has achieved her goals, she is happy to share the keys to her success with others who struggle with the same problem of being overweight.

By Elen

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