When the Stray Rescue of St. Louis was contacted about a dog that was found dozing off in the middle of a heat wave on a residential street, they politely requested that the person who contacted them share images of the dog so that they could determine how best to assist the animal.

According to Donna Lochmann, a chief life-saving officer of Stray Rescue of St. Louis, who spoke with The Dodo about the matter, “the photo this individual supplied us showed the dog laying down.” “It was difficult to tell, but it seemed as if you could see his hip bones,” the doctor said. Therefore, I was aware that it would be well worth my time to check it out.

Lochmann arrived at the site in a hurry, but she was unable to locate the puppy anywhere. She made a snap decision to enter an alley at the very last second, and it paid off since that’s where she found him.

Lochmann said, “I saw him there, lying on the street,” referring to the location. Because it was so hot, he was probably trying to cool down by getting some rest in the water that was pouring up from a gutter.

As Lochmann moved closer to the dog, she abruptly became aware of how badly the dog needed assistance.

“He must’ve heard me as I drew up to the end of the lane,” Lochmann recalled as he explained what happened. “As though he had fully given up, I saw him raise his head up, kind of glance about, and then flop his head back down on the curb,” I said.

The sight of the dog slumbering helplessly on its own in the middle of the road, with no spirit and no expectation for the future, shattered Lochmann’s heart.

“It simply destroyed me,” Lochmann said. “I vowed to myself that there was no way I could abandon this puppy in this location.”

Fortunately for Lochmann, the abused dog had no concerns whatsoever about being removed from its abusive situation. Even without a leash, he walked himself to her car to meet her.

I began a conversation with him and told him, “Come on, buddy. We’re going to assist you.”

As soon as the little dog entered the vehicle, he proceeded to make himself at home there.

According to Lochmann, who was driving, “I keep blankets in the back of the jeep, so he lay down straight immediately.” “He seemed to be really appreciative of the air conditioning and the opportunity to be comfortable.”

The kind dog, who they subsequently decided to call Curby, had a wonderful day on his way to safety, which the shelter referred to as his “freedom journey.”

It wasn’t long before he was placed in a foster family, according to Lochmann. “When a couple saw his video, the woman said to her husband, ‘That puppy should not be kept in a shelter.’ Therefore, they arrived, and they took him away.

Curby is thriving in his new foster home, which includes two people who provide him with plenty of affection and a canine brother with whom he enjoys spending time snuggling. Both his physical appearance and his demeanor have begun to change for the better since he moved into his new home. He has finally begun to put on some weight.

According to Lochmann, “his foster parents are completely head over heels in love with him.” It turned out that he was the kindest and gentlest child in the world.

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