Pet owners often speculate about the activities engaged in by their canine companions while no one is around to see them. However, it seems that the owner of this cute puppy, whose name is Teddy Boy, no longer has to think about anything.

She had the upper hand and caught Teddy Boy in the act.

Recently, as Teddy Boy’s mom was lounging on the sofa at their house, her dog came into the room while she was in the middle of doing something that wasn’t quite stealthy.

It turned out that Teddy Boy had discovered a slip-on sandal laying about the house and, despite the fact that he probably knew he shouldn’t, thought that it would be an enjoyable chew toy regardless. It’s possible that it started off with a few sneaky nibbles, done when Mom was in the other room. However, the truth was not kept hidden for very long.

Teddy Boy was in big trouble now. And he was aware of it.

It seems that the sandal was rescued just in time to prevent it from developing into a full-fledged chew toy, which is a fortunate development; however, this may alter the next time Teddy Boy’s mother is truly gone from the house. After all, she claims that getting into trouble is pretty much Teddy Boy’s standard operating procedure.

She stated that she was “up to no good, as usual.”

By Anna

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