Dogs, which are often referred to as “man’s best friend,” take pleasure in meeting new people. In addition, despite the fact that the majority of people find it easy to fall in love with the dogs in their area, it’s possible that some breeds won’t be able to experience the same amount of affection and admiration as other canines.

There’s always a chance that your neighbors won’t take a shine to your Rottweilers, Staffies, or Pit bulls. Over the course of many years, these dogs have been subjected to an unfair treatment as a direct result of a biased and unjustified narrative that asserts they are vicious and dangerous.

In the state of Queensland, a staffie owner decided to take things into her own hands.
Tubs was atop their fence in this picture. Tubs, a blue Staffordshire bull terrier, takes pleasure in the company of other canine companions. The majority of the time, the dog would rest its head on the fence and attentively watch the people walking by.

You can see how happy she is in the videos that her owners have shared on their YouTube channel. Tub’s tail wags and swipes faster than a stormy windshield wiper would under similar conditions.

The fact that Tubs is so eager to get to know new people is one of the reasons why her owner makes it a point to introduce them.

You may find a sign that says “Tubs is friendly” printed in bold characters right next to their gate. The sign is in bright colors. She appreciates it when you pet her in a gentle manner. In addition, her owners are well aware that anybody who sees her will want to touch her due to the fact that she is so lovely and nice.

In a series of films that were published on TikTok, Tubs interacted with a wide range of different individuals.

To begin, a young guy on a bicycle came by to offer the staffie some attention that was really earned.

In addition to this, two more guys strolled by Tubs without initially paying him any attention as they passed. The young man who rides a bicycle and who has been to Tubs in the past brought his pals with him this time. It only goes to show that every dog, no matter what breed it is, has the potential to be a fantastic buddy.

Because of the sign, people are far more open to the idea of adopting a staffie.

“Damn, if I chance to come across Tubs, you can be sure that I will be sticking there for a while. Too good for you! To sum up their point, one commenter included an emoji depicting a heart, eyes, and a hug at the end of their post.

Another viewer said, reiterating the thoughts of other viewers who have stated that they would not only touch Tubs, “I would actually start living in front of your fence just to pet her every day.” Tubs got scratched behind the ears.

Another individual sent their feedback, saying that they were “not actually planning to schedule a ticket to Australia simply to stroll by the fence and touch Tubs.”

Since then, Tubs has developed a reputation as a breed advocate.
She has over 55,000 followers on Facebook, 86,000 followers on Instagram, and an incredible 800,000 followers on TikTok.

With the assistance of her uplifting videos and good presence on social media, Tubs should be able to convince people that they are not as aggressive as they assume they are.

The Staffordshire bull terrier is descended from bulldogs going back many generations.

Due to the fact that these dogs were bred for fighting in pits, many people had the misconception that they had a volatile personality, were irritable, and were dangerous.

On the other hand, lovely and lovable Staffordshire terriers may be produced by reputable breeders and dedicated pet owners. They place such a strong focus on family that many consider them to be wonderful “doggie nannies.” To facilitate a smoother adjustment, puppies of this breed should be introduced to other canines at an early age.

Watch the video that has been provided below to find out what it is about the neighborhood dog that draws in so many people.

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