Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg have been married for nine years, and over that time, they have built a solid and enduring partnership that only continues to get stronger. McCarthy, on the other hand, believed he was married or homosexual in the beginning phases of their relationship since he waited two weeks to contact her. However, this was merely McCarthy’s ego talking.

Jenny McCarthy, an actress and television personality who got her start in the entertainment industry as a nudist model for Playboy Magazine, is celebrating her 50th birthday today.

Donnie Wahlberg, who has been married to McCarthy for the last nine years, will be joining her for the festivities. McCarthy claimed that their relationship was still thrilling and that they could not get enough of each other. The pair is still unable to get enough of one other.

The actress was previously wed to John Asher, the man who is now her son Evan’s father, for a period of time prior to her union with Wahberg. Evan is now 20 years old. In 2005, however, the couple divorced after having been married for a total of six years.

Following the conclusion of her marriage, McCarthy began a committed relationship with the actor and comedian Jim Carrey. After the relationship came to an end, she began dating fitness model Jason Toohey.

McCarthy and Carrey were together for close to five years, and the television star has confessed that it took some time for her to recover after the breakup of their relationship.

She said that she had a dread of being alone and always felt the need to have someone by her side, but that eventually she came to the realization that she could be happy on her own and did not want a companion in order to take pleasure in life. Wahlberg was already married when he first met McCarthy. He was also one of the original members of NKOTB, which he founded when he was just 16 years old.

In 1999, the singer wed Kim Fey, and the couple now has two children together, named Xavier and Elijah. In 2008, they decided to separate, but the divorce wasn’t formalized until the following year.

In 1995, Wahlberg parted ways with NKOTB, although he was a part of the band after it got back again in 2007. In addition to that, he was cast in an episode of the critically acclaimed police drama “Blue Bloods.” The singer has a lot on his plate right now, what with traveling with NTKOTB and filming.

Following the dissolution of his marriage, Wahlberg also developed a more deliberate perspective on the kind of partner he was looking for. He recalls learning about the principle of attraction while watching an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. He established a connection with thinking positively, never thinking anything but nice ideas, and only bringing positive energy into his life as a result.

Since she has been married to Wahlberg, McCarthy has nothing but complimentary things to say about her spouse. She said, “my most prized possession is the realization that I have discovered my true love.”

However, it took her a few months of being on her own before she discovered the man who would become her husband. Even Wahlberg hesitated for a while before making the first move.

The Romantic Complicated Love Affair Between Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy

Before she met Wahlberg, McCarthy was content with her life as a single woman. The actress said that she had gone a whole year without having a romantic relationship with anybody, yet she did not think twice before giving him her number.

The TV personality said that she did not generally make it easy for anyone to get her phone number, but because she was interested in Wahlberg, she decided to take a risk and give it out. McCarthy was ready to discover the love of her life, and she was prepared to put herself out there in the hopes of doing so. She was smitten by the singer, but she was also eager to find it.

McCarthy did not want to hurry into anything but was open to the possibility of falling in love and did not place any restrictions on the characteristics of her potential spouse.

Due to the fact that it took Wahlberg two weeks to contact her back, the actress began to assume that he was homosexual. McCarthy said that the main reason she believed it was to satisfy her ego, although she did confess that the possibility that he was already married did enter her mind.

They had to set aside the characters that were projected in the media in order to get to know one other despite the fact that they were both renowned individuals. McCarthy was portrayed as a wild woman who had previously worked as a naked model, while Wahlberg was portrayed as a spoiled brat who became famous at an early age.

However, after they silenced the distractions of the outside world, they were able to put their faith in the procedure and give their love a second opportunity. McCarthy said that it was simple to get an opinion about someone based on what is published about them; however, she and Wahlberg chose not to research each other and instead focused on getting to know each other on a more intimate level.

Because the actress did not want rumors to be spread about them, the two of them became much closer during the alone time they were able to spend together. As a result, they made their debut in front of the general public in August 2013, when they attended a benefit that was hosted at St. Charles III. It was held for the purpose of raising money for the school that her kid attends, and numerous “Dancing with the Stars” legends as well as other artists took part.

In an Instagram post, Wahlberg said that he was challenged to ask McCarthy out on “What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” but he did not do so. He also posted his first photo with McCarthy during their appearance on the show.


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Fortunately, they ran into one other again a year later on “The Jenny McCarthy Show,” and this time he made sure to seize the opportunity. McCarthy said that she thought him attractive from the very first time they met one other.

McCarthy did not pull any punches when asked about how Mark Wahlberg made her feel on the day that he appeared on her program; she stated, “It gets heated. I’m talking about how sweltering it can become. Being turned on by a man may be a lot of fun, but having it really happen to you on television is like being transported back in time to when you were 12 years old. When we finally start the ground-breaking interview, my face goes a shade of red that’s called “fifty shades of red.”

Within the confines of their Wedding day
The musician put an end to the rumors when he proposed to McCarthy and Wahlberg in 2014, which was exactly one year after they had first met. Many individuals had the opinion that McCarthy and Wahlberg’s public display of affection (PPA) was fake and that they did it for the show.

Not only did he pop the question with a ring set with a yellow sapphire, but he also collaborated with McCarthy’s son Evan in the planning process. McCarthy has also discussed the incident on the show “The View.” She said that she and Wahlberg were having a good time together when Evan stepped up and came back with a card that simply stated “Will.”

McCarthy was prepared for the question that was about to be asked and began to show his emotions at this point. He hurriedly walked out a second time and returned with a third sign that simply stated “You.”

Evan returned with a second card that had the word “Marry” inscribed on it; however, the word was spelt “Mary.” When Wahlberg came in with the final piece of the jigsaw, he was wearing a shirt that said “Me?.” McCarthy concluded the surprise by saying yes, and she expressed her gratitude to her husband for including Evan in the choice that would forever alter their lives.

Evan was overjoyed for both his mother and for the opportunity to have a new father figure in his life. Evan’s mother shared with everyone that once she gave her approval, he exclaimed in excitement, “I have another dad! I have a different father.’ And it was just—it moved each and every one of us to tears. It seems to me that I am the most fortunate person in the whole planet. He is such a nice person.

The wedding service will be remembered fondly. The son of McCarthy was all dressed up and ready to accompany his mother down the aisle at the wedding. The actress posted a photo of him online with the words, “He was amazing,” below it.

McCarthy, though, acknowledged that the preparations for her big day were stressful. She was relieved that the celebrations were finally done so that she could begin her happily ever after with Wahlberg. The bridegroom continued by saying, “I won the lottery,” after that.

The pair has been married for nine years, and it seems that each year brings them even more joy in their lives together. They have discovered a method to successfully balance the demands of their busy occupations without sacrificing the quality of their relationship with one another.

An Inside Look at the Contented Marriage of the Couple


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Wahlberg was busy when they first got married, and he continues to be busy now that they are married. During this time, he was also directing “Boston’s Finest,” filming episodes of “Blue Bloods” and “Wahlbergers,” and traveling with his band NKOTB.

However, Wahlberg gave himself credit for being able to successfully manage the conflicting demands of his professional and personal lives. Now that he has discovered the one true love of his life, everything is much simpler since the two of them enjoy being in each other’s company so much.

As a result, in order to keep the passion alive, Wahlberg claimed that they changed their mindset from feeling that they had adapted their jobs to their relationship to adapting their relationship to their careers. This allowed them to keep the spark alive.

The duo has also shown that they are able to successfully combine work and play. During the year 2014, the two of them collaborated and presented an event called “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest.”

It has become a tradition for Wahlberg and McCarthy to be the pair that is in charge of counting down to the new year and giving each other a kiss as the clock strikes midnight.

While they were standing in the chilly streets of New York together, McCarthy’s spouse would kiss her hand and rub them on his warm back in order to keep her warm. McCarthy and her companion. McCarthy emphasized one again that “he was such an incredible companion throughout everything.”

In addition to that, Wahlberg has been an involved stepfather. The association between the two is quite strong. The artist sent a heartfelt birthday greeting to Evan on the occasion of his 20th birthday.

When the wedding of the pair was highlighted in People magazine, Wahlberg revealed a sweet note that his bride had written him before the big day. She said that “usually people say their wedding was the greatest day of their lives, but you have found a way to make every day the best day of my life.” She was referring to the fact that most people claim their wedding was the best day of their life.


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On his Instagram account, Wahlberg shared a snapshot of the exchange with the description, “The sweetest text, from my sweetest wife, about the sweetest day.” (The sweetest text, from my sweetest wife, about the sweetest day.)

The reality program that McCarthy and Wahlberg starred in together was titled “Donnie Loves Jenny.” The show followed the newlyweds as they adjusted to life as a married pair. On the other hand, when asked whether he would participate in another reality program, he said that he would not be averse to the concept, but that he does not want cameras in his home again.

When the pair appeared on their first reality program together, Mark Wahlberg said that he and his wife had agreed to have an open line of communication in the event that any of them experienced something that made them feel uneasy.

In addition, since they wanted to demonstrate to the world how much love they had for one another, they refrained from airing any disagreements in front of the camera. This was particularly important given that they had chosen to make their relationship public.

Evan, McCarthy’s kid, has autism, and his mother has made a concerted effort to ensure that he follows a nutritious diet and receives the required therapy. She had been a single parent for eleven years, during which time she developed a pattern that was just right for Evan. As a result, when she met Wahlberg, who expressed an interest in being involved in Evan’s life, she was hesitant to include him into the routine.

However, there was this one day when the actress was quite tired, and her husband could see how difficult it was for her to get up, so Wahlberg volunteered to get Evan ready for school himself.

McCarthy was aware that Wahlberg was the parent of two sons, but she argued that her kid was unique, to which Wahlberg responded by stating that “he’s not that different.” McCarthy continued to believe that her son was unique.

McCarthy, the TV presenter, felt it was a kind gesture on the part of Wahlberg’s spouse, and Wahlberg did not back down; she persuaded McCarthy that he was capable of preparing breakfast and getting a kid ready for school.

However, his abilities in the kitchen let him down. The eggs were riddled with shells, and the kitchen ended up being filled with smoke, which set off the smoke alarm; however, this did not indicate that the garbage can was empty since all of the food had been burned.

But what really mattered was what others thought, and McCarthy was grateful for the backing of her husband. She also came to the conclusion that after raising her children by herself for such a significant portion of their lives, it was difficult for her to accept assistance; yet, she was fortunate to have a spouse who was involved in their daily lives.


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