She decided to look for him after hearing a local television news report from KHOU 11 stating that a dog at the station called Gus had been seen in the 12000 block of MLK Boulevard for approximately a year with shoe laces painfully digging into his neck. The report also stated that the dog was seen in the same location.

Regrettably, nobody had really been able to or was willing to take the time necessary to capture him in order to provide the appropriate medical treatment that he needed.

After that point, Laura Jean took action and began posting images of Gus throughout the area that she had captured on her Facebook page. These images were taken when Laura Jean was looking for Gus in the neighborhood.

Notifying the neighbors next door that this dog was still in a dangerous situation and humiliating all of the automobiles who passed by that day and refused to assist her in catching the dog in a safe manner.

Laura gave out her contact information and claimed that the last time she saw Gus, he was entering an apartment complex in that area of the neighborhood.

She also made an impassioned request to anybody who may be able to assist her in locating this unfortunate animal by either offering their time or contributing monies for the animal’s medical care to come forward.

Laura was able to quickly locate Gus and provide him with the assistance he so justly deserved because of the existence of social networks.

Because of her post on Facebook, Houston K-911 Rescue was made aware of the situation and immediately sent a crew to the area to continue looking for Gus.

However, both of the men said that it was possible for them to miss locating the injured animal due to the fact that there were other abandoned buildings in the area where he might have been hiding.

They decided to shine their flashlight into one of the buildings, however, when they saw a gap in the wall of one of the structures. It wasn’t long before Gus came over to them and introduced himself.

The group was able to save him without inflicting any more harm on him in the process. When they got closer, they were able to see just how badly Gus had been handled and how terrible his injuries were.

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