Doris was adopted by her family around two years ago, and in that time they have realized that, despite the fact that she is rather little, Doris undoubtedly has strong convictions and an opinion on everything.

Julie Watson, Doris’s mother, told The Dodo that her daughter is “lovely, HILARIOUS,” but that she can also be “bossy and feisty in the nicest of ways.” “She is essentially in charge of running our family.”

When her new family decided to adopt her, the first thing they did was purchase a noisy bone for her to play with. Doris was so enamored with the brand-new plaything that she insisted on taking it to bed with her every single night. Doris and her mother went to the supermarket together one day, and while they were there, Doris saw that the very same toy was on sale, and she insisted that they buy it and bring it home. It was something that her mother had purchased for her, but ever since then, her daughter has insisted that they go to the supermarket so that she may get another one of her favorite toys.

After realizing that the item most likely helped Doris feel at ease and brought back memories of the day she was adopted, her family just could not refuse to give it to her because of these reasons.

Doris always makes an effort, whenever she and her mother are out on a stroll, to lure her mother in the direction of the grocery shop so that she might purchase yet another toy. If it were up to Doris, they would go every day, even if her mother only gives in once every two weeks or so.

“She probably has close to 25 of these toys… “However, if we permitted it, there would unquestionably be more of them,” Watson said.

Doris deserves praise for the fact that she uses each and every one of the bones that she purchases. In point of fact, she almost completely refuses to play with anything save her dolls.

“We’ll attempt to play fetch with her in the home with another toy, but she always goes back to her favorite squeaky, bacon-scented bone,” said Watson. “We’ll try to play fetch with her outside, but she never seems interested.”

Doris’s deep affection for her family led her to the conclusion that she does not need any other possessions since the toy in question was the very first gift she received from any of them.

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