Christina Perri is discussing the effect that her experience of miscarriages and stillbirths has had on her 5-year-old daughter.

In an appearance on the podcast Informed Pregnancy, the 36-year-old singer known for her hit “Jar of Hearts” discussed bringing her daughter Pixie Rose, who is now three months old, home following a tough delivery experience and a stay in the NICU that offered a number of severe hurdles.

“The only good thing about taking your newborn to the NICU is that the staff there will check for almost everything. You are aware that by the time the newborn leaves the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), they have examined everything, “said the mother of the two children.

“Pixie seemed to be eager to return home, which was the only positive aspect of the time when we were released from the hospital. However, they continued to discover new things. In the beginning, you can hear her breathing and some grunting. And then it was her hematomas on her skull, and then it was her jaundice levels, and then they told us we could go home after all of that.”

The mother thought back to the moment when she had to break the news to their elder daughter, Carmella, who was five years old at the time, that her younger sister would soon be moving in with them.

“We informed Carmella that we were going to take the baby with us when we returned home, and as a side note, just for a little moment of happiness, we were able to FaceTime Carmella and show her sister. Oh my goodness, she is beyond giddy and adorable, not to mention completely preoccupied with her. It was just the moment of happiness that we needed.”

Carmella, who was just a child at the time, had a difficult time during Perri’s stay in the hospital in the year 2020. Perri had revealed this in the past. The singer experienced a miscarriage in 2020, which occurred before the birth of her daughter Pixie. Later that same year, she disclosed that she had also miscarried her daughter Rosie during the third trimester of her pregnancy.

“Carmella was not informed as to the reason why we did not return home. We spent three whole days at the medical facility. Because of it, she had severe psychological effects “She was generous. “Because we have such open lines of communication with her, I recall things that are nearly worse than what happened afterward. And after that, all of a sudden, we were nowhere to be seen, which must have come as quite a shock to her.”

When Perri and her husband Paul Costabile saw their two girls interact with one another for the first time, it was a very emotional experience for both of them.

“Carmella sat on the sofa with her holding her. It was like, “Oh, my God!” in that sense. That moment when everything came full circle was the most amazing of my whole life “Perri did not hoard.

The little girl of five years old disclosed to her parents that she “had always known that her name was Pixie.”

“When we were reading Peter Pan around two weeks before the birth of the kid, Carmella did glance at me and give me a wink. This is the part that I find extremely humorous. It was a tale for children to read before going to sleep, and Wendy said, “We need to go to the pirates and deliver the pixie dust.” And Carmella gave me a wink as she was looking at me.”

“After some time had passed, I asked Paul, “Did you see that?” And with that, he said, “Yeah, like, What was that?” And at that point I was like, ‘I don’t know. Have we ever even mentioned the name?’ And he’s like, ‘No, we absolutely didn’t.'”

“Therefore, Carmella is probably very closely related to this young kid on a molecular level. And with that, she exclaims, “I knew it! I had always been aware of the name.”

“Pixie was created through a laborious process that lasted for three years, which is sort of comical. I jokingly considered handing Pixie over to Carmella and walking away while proclaiming, “Here, I did it!” but ultimately decided against it. I’ve been so exhausted. Your other brother is over here,’ “she joked. “But in all honesty and sincerity, I just do not have the vocabulary to adequately describe the healing that took place on that day.”

The singer who is well known for the song “A Thousand Years” has said that she “feels very happy” to have enlarged her family since she was aware that “my family wasn’t done yet.”

“Despite this, I wanted to participate in this activity very much. So, when I’m having trouble sleeping in the middle of the night, or when I’m feeling upset, or when I have the feeling that I just want to travel to Hawaii by myself, I try to keep that in mind and remind myself of it “she did confess it.

Perri said, “I keep telling myself, “Well, I’m only going to take a little vacation before I start working again. I won’t be around for another couple of weeks.’ I can’t shake the notion that I need to go for a drive and just get in the vehicle. I am familiar with these sensations since I have already experienced them. I will also admit that I am allowing myself to experience them, and I do not feel guilty for allowing myself to feel them.”

“Because there is this additional whole new sense of guilt that arises when people say things such as, “But your kid is still alive; how could you possibly complain about having a baby?” To be fair, this is less of a complaint and more of an invitation to share. However, I am allowing myself to experience every emotion.”

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