One fortuitous encounter was all that was required to bring about the change. Instagram image courtesy of Dr. Thomas Romo III.

An American guy whose nose was so misshapen that it used to impair every area of his life had a significant turnaround in his fortunes following a fortuitous encounter with a leading cosmetic surgeon. The surgeon was able to correct the man’s nose and give him a new lease on life.

Conrado Estrada, a painter from New York who is 57 years old, had spent years attempting to conceal his oversized nose before he decided to wear a face mask when the COVID outbreak occurred.

Estrada disclosed this information to the New York Post, saying, “They would look at me.”

“Children would ask their moms what had happened to me, and the only way I could avoid answering their questions was by wearing a face mask at all times,” she said.

His bigger nose also had a physical impact, making it difficult for him to breathe, which led to him snoring, and generally making day-to-day tasks more difficult for him.

“It had reached my lips, and every time I took a mouthful while I was eating, it would contact the spoon,” he recalled. “It had gotten that far.”

Estrada has a disorder known as rhinophyma, which is characterized by thickened and pitted skin on the nose as a result of increased sebaceous glands. Estrada has this ailment.

Estrada spent years going from doctor to doctor in the hope of finding a remedy for her condition, but there is currently no recognized cure.

That is, until he joined a team that was painting the house of Dr. Thomas Romo, a prominent cosmetic surgeon in New York and the director of face plastic reconstructive surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Romo told the New York Post that he needed to contact Estrada when he noticed the extent of the issue, which he characterized as a “smoldering infection” that would have simply continued spreading and looked like “a penis on his nose.” Romo said he had to approach Estrada when he saw the scale of the problem.

Estrada was given assistance by Romo, who often assists youngsters who suffer from facial abnormalities as part of his volunteer work.

Estrada shared her story with the New York Post, stating, “He noticed me, and he gave me a hug.” “He spoke the words, ‘I’m going to assist you’ ”

Within a few days, Estrada went in for surgery, and she emerged from the procedure one month later with a brand-new nose and a revitalized outlook on life.

Romo said that it was clear that his patient had undergone a transformation since the individual was now walking with confidence and seemed to have just been awarded an Olympic gold medal.

Estrada heaped appreciation on the surgeon, describing the situation as one in which “divine intervention” was required.

“I think God sent an angel to take care of me, and I regard Dr. Romo as that angel,” the patient said.

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