An extraordinary and uplifting moment was caught on film for the IMAX film Dolphins, which won several awards. MacGillivray Freeman Films, the business that was responsible for starting the One World One Ocean Campaign, was the one who came up with the idea for this.

One World One Ocean is being referred to as a “multi-platform campaign that leverages the power of cinema, television, and new media to inspire, educate, and unite millions of people worldwide in service of a common goal: to conserve and restore the health of the ocean.” A 21-second segment taken from the short documentary Dolphins that was published in 2012 has been seen by almost 6 million people since it was placed online. This indicates that the clip, which was released, obviously struck a chord with its audience.

In the condensed version of the story, there are two men and two dogs on a boat. The young dolphins start swinging their tails in excitement as they watch a couple of dolphins swim up next to the boat. They are very interested in seeing what is emerging from the sea.

They have absolutely no fear at all; on the contrary, they are really excited. You are, don’t you think?

However, there is more! Because members of these species seem to have a high level of confidence in one another, it’s possible that they have communicated in the past.

In point of fact, after a few seconds have passed, the dolphin lifts its head slightly above the surface of the water and passionately kisses the darker dog. It’s incredible to see a wild dolphin behave so casually around a dog despite the fact that the boater is urging the dog to give him a kiss on the lips. However, it is encouraging for him since the boater is gesturing for the dog to do so.

It seems that the dolphin is beginning to show off once again not long after that. The fact that he looks to be jumping for pleasure when he emerges from the water is likely the product of some creative editing; yet, it still gives the impression that he is.

The bulk of what we know about dolphins comes from studies conducted on them in captivity. However, the story of researchers who conduct their studies in the open ocean and strive to understand the animals in their natural habitats is chronicled in the movie Dolphins.

According to MacGillivray Freeman Films, the following is how their film, which is 39 minutes long, is structured:

“Dolphins” takes audiences on an underwater journey with curious Atlantic spotted dolphins, acrobatic dusky dolphins, and the familiar bottlenose dolphin, from the glittering coral reefs of the Bahamas to the wind-swept seas of Patagonia. “Dolphins” was produced by Disneynature and is distributed by Disneynature. The audience will get to know the young scientist Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski and her two colleagues, mentor Dr. Bernd Würsig and Dr. Alejandro Acevedo-Gutierrez, as they lead us on an excursion into their intriguing world.

And there’s no denying the wonder that this cosmos holds!

Obviously, we’ve seen instances in the past when dogs and dolphins get along swimmingly. On YouTube, you can find a variety of videos in which dogs and other species are seen swimming together in the water.

Although there are numerous pictures of dolphins and dogs kissing that can be seen on the internet, it is an entirely other experience to observe this behavior in person and to see the adorable interactions between these two species.

If you want to see the short documentary in its entirety, you may rent it from Amazon or stream it on their website. If you needed any more encouragement, Pierce Brosnan is delivering the narration, while Sting is playing the music throughout the video.

What better way is there to learn about these wonderful creatures in just an hour than to see them in their natural habitat?

Scroll down to see the adorable moment when a gigantic dolphin gives a dog a kiss, and click here if you want to see it.

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