In rescue organizations and sanctuaries for animals, there are a great number of gentle beings who are doing nothing more than waiting to be adopted. Unfortunately, little pups are often given precedence over older and bigger dogs most of the time. In spite of the widespread belief that they are quite intimidating or hostile, large lugs are normally gentle giants that will appreciate you no matter what you do to them. This point may be shown very well with the help of Petey the dog. After being in the shelter for nearly a whole year, he was finally able to find a family that would be his forever. After they moved in together, Petey’s new family even uploaded a picture of him sleeping with a grin on his face, which served as further encouragement for him.

Petey, a happy dog with a patch that looked like an eyepatch, had run out of time at a tiny shelter that was already overcrowded, and there were no potential adopters waiting for him. After that, the staff got in touch with the Wake County SPCA to ask for assistance in finding him a permanent home at that point in time. Petey never lost his excitement and was looking forward to the move despite the challenges he faced. As soon as he arrived, he began to yank on the leash in order to open the door. “He rushed inside the building,” said Samantha Ranlet, a spokesperson with the SPCA of Wake County, who was there when the incident occurred. Right immediately, he displayed a lot of mischief and friendliness. It was hard for us to comprehend that nobody had any interest in him.

The staff members at the SPCA posted a picture of him online along with the announcement that he had been adopted. Petey was adopted within a few short weeks after his prospective parents saw his lovely face online and immediately fell in love with him. They couldn’t wait to get their hands on him. He just moved in with his family, which was also home to another canine member.

“Petey is fitting in beautifully in his new home,” said an ecstatic member of his new family, accompanied with some pictures of him with his canine sister Adikus and his human parents. He likes playing fetch with his friends, dozing off in bed, and sniffing about the backyard. And really likes having fun with his new sister as well as any other dogs he may meet along the way. He is the perfect addition to the team. Petey is revealing more of his charming nature to us as a result of the tremendous adoration that he receives. I can’t express how happy I am to have him.

Because the animal shelter in which Petey the dog had been staying for more than a year was at capacity, the SPCA of Wake County was required to take him in. After sharing a photo of him on social media, he was able to locate the house that would be his forever.

“Everyone just adores Petey; he is beginning to open up to us and show off his charming personality. One of his new family members commented, “I am quite thrilled to have him.”

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