The majority of people sing Whitney Houston’s classic song “I Have Nothing,” but they aren’t quite able to strike every note as well as Whitney Houston herself did. But Johnny Manuel is different! Johnny was adamant about continuing to perform that rebellious tune, so he appeared on America’s Got Talent and convinced the panel of judges that it was the song he was destined to perform. Johnny has appeared in performances in the past. When he was younger, he played and traveled with NSYNC, but things did not go according to plan during those experiences.

The young guy shown a lot of bravery by telling the judges about his history and describing his goals for the future with regard to his singing and songwriting. The statement that “When I was a youngster, I imagined he was going to fly away and see the stars, but clearly that was not the case.” is not accurate. I really hope that I will finally be able to be myself and reveal to the public both who I am and what I do with music now that this opportunity has presented itself. Johnny did all in his power to demonstrate his abilities, and he sang “I Have Nothing” in the most impressive manner that was open to him.

Everyone in the room, including the judges, was blown away by his performance, and as he played the final note of the song, everyone in the room rose up to give him a round of applause. Enjoy Johnny’s incredible performance and marvel at the remarkable skill he has by watching the video that can be seen below. I really hope that you like it, and as always, feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

By Elen

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