Even though President Joe Biden is the Commander in Chief, the “leader of the free world,” and maybe the most closely watched person on the face of the earth, it seems that even he is susceptible to the capricious whims of a four-legged despot.

Willow, the cat that belongs to Biden, may be seen there.

Willow was introduced to First Lady Jill Biden for the first time in 2020 when she accidentally entered a campaign event. Willow was nothing more than a barn cat at the time; nevertheless, following that fortuitous encounter with the top echelons of politics, she quickly found herself ensconced at the base of the seat of power.

The Bidens became her adoptive parents. Willow, who is now known as the “First Cat” of the nation, has rejected the notion that she should just recede into the background.

The year before, The Dodo was granted an exclusive glimpse into Willow’s day-to-day activities at the White House, when it was revealed that she essentially had free reign of the whole building. Having said that, the activities that Willow engages in after the sun has set have remained somewhat of a mystery.

Well, until today.

The other day, Vice President Biden was holding an event at the White House to mark the Chinese Lunar New Year when the topic of cats came up. The gathering was meant to honor the Chinese New Year. And in what seems to be an off-the-cuff comment, Biden disclosed a very relatable tidbit about Willow:

“There are no bounds for her. You must think I’m making a joke. I’m not. Especially in the middle of the night, when she gets on top of my head and lies there.”

You got it correctly. Willow engages in one of the cats’ more peculiar nighttime activities, which consists of curling up on or around a human face, demonstrating that cat-dom is obviously well-featured at the White House.

It seems like nobody can be trusted.

If someone were to ask, “Where is Willow?,” the response may very well be, “Atop the head of the head of state.” This is simply a piece of information about a presidential cat, but it is still kind of interesting to think about.

This eager feline who used to live in the barn has come.

By Anna

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