This happens once every one thousand times, which is a very small chance.

About the newborn kitten that was found abandoned and made news for its genetic oddity, we only have enough information for one post’s worth of research. A user by the name of Vodkaholy sent numerous pictures of the little creature along with some background information about it.

However, once a member of the family brought up the topic again, the tale rapidly went viral.

Nobody knows for sure how the newborn kitten ended up in the garbage, but heartless individuals sometimes throw away kittens because they don’t want to take care of them.

Taking it to a shelter would be the most compassionate course of action, of course.

It is a good thing that the aunt of “Vodkaholy” heard the little meows of the kitten since it looks that she was the one who rescued the baby cat, who was only a week old at the time.

In point of fact, the kitten’s eyes had not even opened yet; normally, this process takes place seven to ten days after birth.

In addition to being deserted the moment it was born, the new-born cat was ill and suffering from a severe illness.

Even though it was only a few days old, it already had a broken limb and gangrene in one of its paws. When the rescuer of the kitten took it to the veterinarian, they were saddened to discover that the injured paw could not be salvaged.

The comment made by Vodkaholy was something to the effect of, “Poor kitten hadn’t even opened his eyes when he had to give up a paw.”
The discovery of such a disheartened animal in the garbage was unquestionably shocking, but the veterinarian had even another significant shock in store for the lady.

In point of fact, the kitten was not a female calico but rather a male calico!

According to the doctor, male calico cats are quite rare. What a distinctive guy, for sure! Look at the photographs and read the captions that go with them.

The genes for the calico pattern are carried on the X chromosome, and since the calico pattern is a recessive characteristic, a cat has to have two copies of the X chromosome in order to have the pattern. Genetically speaking, XX only appears in females. Males are XY.

This reveals that the kitten has a genetic composition called XXY, which only happens in one out of every three thousand calico cats.

On the page, readers have posted hundreds of comments, many of which beg for further information, such as the name of the cat.

Martyr was the name that she decided to give him. She, I suppose, thought it would be humorous at the time, haha.

On the other hand, even unintentionally, he won’t be the father of any more calico kittens because:

However, the veterinarian informed us that infertility at birth is rather typical for male calico cats. Vodkaholy went on to say that other than that, “He’s a regular joyous cat, healthy as a horse.”

The user claims that Vodkaholy’s aunt made the decision to retain the cat, and that he is now growing regularly and is happy in his new home (even if he only has 3 paws).

At the time of the most recent report, the young cat had been getting along rather well in his new environment for a period of three months.

Despite the fact that he is a “failed foster,” this kind aunt has taken in more than one kitten in the past.

Yes, she is used to finding lost animals and returning them to their owners, but this particular animal has won her heart, and she plans to keep it. She has a history of rescuing lost animals and returning them to their owners.

By Elen

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