While John Legend has long been the baby-faced sweetheart of the music business, his model wife Chrissy Teigen has often come under attack for her eccentric beliefs and sometimes rude statements. Chrissy Teigen is married to John Legend.

However, despite their 13 years of marriage, the pair has been through more than their fair share of sadness as a result of the several miscarriages they have had. The most recent of which was a well-publicized incident on which fans had a variety of thoughts.

Teigen has had a difficult time carrying any of her pregnancies to term; nevertheless, she did succeed in giving birth to her two children, Miles, and Luna Stephens. The well-known family is adding another reason to celebrate as they have just given birth to their third child.

On Friday, January 13, a new member of the Stephens family was born, making this the family’s third child. The news that Legend had given birth earlier that day was shared with the audience during the performance he was doing. Fans started discussing it on Twitter as soon as it happened.

He admitted that he hadn’t gotten much sleep, but said he was pleased and motivated by the coming of the new kid, and he described the day as a “wonderful day.” After going through the trauma of losing their son, Jack, in October 2020, they finally got to experience the joy of being parents to a kid.

Teigen turned to social media shortly after Legend revealed the birth of their daughter to the audience during one of his concerts in order to spread the joyous news. She shared a picture on social media that showed Miles and Luna cradling their little sister as Luna ran her finger around the pregnant woman’s stomach.

Teigen shared the news of the baby’s name in the caption of the photo, and it is Esti Maxine Stephens. She spoke about how everyone was feeling about the impending birth of the young one, stating things like:

“Our home is a hive of activity, and everyone in our family is in excellent spirits. The sight of Luna and Miles so completely devoted to one another brings Daddy to tears of happiness every single night….”

She concluded the post by adding, “We are in happiness,” and then she thanked followers for their affection and the good wishes that they had offered to the family. She affirmed that they were able to sense the positive energy that was emanating from all parts of the world.

Legend posted the same picture as his wife and gushed about how excited everyone in their home was about the birth of their new child. He said that it made him feel amazing to see Luna and Miles connect with their new baby sister, and then he went on to say that “grateful” isn’t a strong enough word to adequately convey how he feels.

Teigen has been forthright about her history of reproductive issues and has discussed in public her experience of having numerous pregnancies end in miscarriage. Nevertheless, in October of the previous year, she was bereaved of a vital member of the family.

The former model disclosed to the public her high-risk pregnancy with Jack and informed everyone that she was required to stay in bed for the duration of her pregnancy. Then, however, she disclosed that she was bleeding severely and that Jack was not receiving the required amount of fluids.

Teigen was transported to the hospital, where medical staff tried to revive the infant by giving him or her fluid infusions. Tragically, none of these solutions were successful, and she was unable to save her kid. In a heartfelt statement on Instagram, she broke the news to her followers.

Teigen said in the article that the family did not settle on a name for the newborn until the very last possible second, which was just before they were discharged from the hospital. However, they had started referring to the kid as Jack while she was still pregnant, and they declared that they would always recognize him by that name.

Later on, Teigen received a delicate tattoo of the name Jack written in cursive on the inside of her right wrist. Legend got a tattoo that matched his partner’s. A picture of the tattoo was uploaded on Instagram by the tattoo parlor known as Winter Stone not long after Teigen and Legend were informed of the loss of their child.

Since then, the pair has carried out a variety of activities in recognition of young Jack. Teigen’s cookbook, “Cravings: All Together: Recipes to Love,” included a recipe for cookies, which was one of these items. In the center of the page, the words “For Jack” are printed.

Additionally, Teigen and Legend have what they refer to as “The Tree of Life,” which is a sizable tree that is growing inside their house. They claim that it adds vitality to their house and that it was planted in memory of their son, who they had to give up for adoption when he was 20 weeks pregnant.

Additionally, Legend has chosen to commemorate the memory of his late son by naming his 2022 album “LEGEND.” He acknowledged that some of the songs dealt with his sentiments of loss and how he was able to move on after the passing of his kid.

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