It is impossible not to be moved when one watches a rescued dog make its first steps away from a gloomy institution and into freedom. They seem to be aware that they will now be secure while they make the transition to their new owner’s house, which will be their everlasting home.

These dogs are known to show their appreciation by smiling broadly, wagging their tails, and expending a great deal of energy. One glance into their grateful eyes is all it takes to reassure them that they have been spared and that better times are coming. This is true regardless of how afraid they are.

It would seem that certain dogs, like Stanley, have a greater capacity for gratitude than others. An abandoned house was where Stanley and his mother were discovered to be residing when they were just six months old. The fearful puppy was sent to an animal shelter in the immediate hope that it would soon find a new forever home.

The shelter reached out to Sam Clarence, a volunteer dog walker with the Bull Breed Rescue in Christchurch, New Zealand, to ask if he would be willing to provide foster care for Stanley for a few weeks while he was staying at the shelter.

Sam went to the animal shelter to meet Stanley, but as soon as he did, he realized that he would not be able to provide foster care for the dog. Instead, he understood immediately that he was going to adopt him into his family.

The instant they met, they hit it off with one other, and Sam ended up taking Stanley home with him. Throughout the trip, Stanley would not let go of his adoptive father and would keep a paw firmly planted on his arm. It was almost as if the adorable puppy was promising that he would never release go of its owner.

After coming home, it was made abundantly evident that, despite the fact that Stanley had developed a deep connection with Sam, he did, in fact, have certain concerns about his new life that he would need to address. The first thing that took him more than an hour was getting out of the automobile. After that, he was OK.

After he had been removed from the vehicle and was safely inside his new home, he was provided with food, washed, and eventually led to his cozy bed. In spite of the fact that Stanley, a self-described “Velcro dog,” required to be in close proximity to his new father at all times, he started settling in almost immediately.

Stanley has developed into a contented and confident canine throughout the course of his life. He and his father participate in a variety of outdoor activities, and one of his favorite things to do is swim in lakes and ponds. On the other hand, he takes pleasure in being touched and cuddled. Even when he is trying to get some rest, he is required to maintain at least one paw on his father.

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