Due to the extensive training that she has received, Ariel is one of those service dogs who is capable of warning Hadley Jo before she has a seizure.

Many individuals have remarkable ties with their pets, and some even begin to think of their dogs as children as a result of these interactions. The love and affection that Jo and Ariel have for one another has allowed them to form a relationship that is unrestricted by any and all limitations. Because of the close bond that exists between the two of them, the little girl’s dog sat for a picture with her.

Hadley Jo, a little girl from the United States, was getting ready to strike a pose for the camera and have her photo taken so that it could be included in the school yearbook, just like she did each and every year. However, this time the little girl asked to appear with her favourite dog, Ariel, as well as wanting to look flawless, neat, and lovely. She also wanted to look her very best.

As it turns out, Ariel is not like any other dog. The dog entered Jo’s life for reasons more than just to love and guard her; he also watches out for the well-being of his young master. Jo is his young mistress. a service animal that watches over the little girl as she has epileptic convulsions and is acknowledged for their assistance in a guestbook.

A service dog who helps his young master manage her epileptic episodes.

Hadley Jo suffered from epileptic convulsions at an early age due to something called “brain short circuits.” For the same reason, her mother, Heather DeVore Lange, had to find out a way to keep her daughter safe while still guaranteeing that she could go about her day-to-day activities just as any other kid would be able to.

This is how they first became acquainted with Ariel. This lovely service dog of medium size has been properly trained to “sniff out” Jo’s impending seizures and warn her to lay down on the ground, prevent her from hurting herself in the event of an emergency, or signal his parents to give him medicine. Jo suffers from epilepsy, which causes her to have seizures.

“Ariel notifies us before a seizure occurs, which enables us to administer my daughter with the necessary medicine in less than two minutes and ultimately saves her life.” My goal is to provide my kid the opportunity to live as self-sufficiently as possible, and Ariel is helping me accomplish this goal.

Every day, Ariel follows Jo around to various places. from being asleep to being present in class. The latter came to the conclusion that the dog should be included in the directory for the same reason as the former: to provide the canine with the recognition that it so justly earned.

Hadley Jo went to the much-anticipated annual photo session to have her picture taken, but this time the experience was much more enjoyable since Ariel, Hadley Jo’s dog, also participated in the event.

“The fact that my daughter and her service dog are welcomed and considered a part of the community means the world to me. It is really pleasant to know that my daughter and her service dog will have a warm and welcoming environment to call their own while they are away at school.

If Jo and Ariel are together, then everything in their world is great, and it doesn’t matter where they are or what they are doing.

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