Noelle, a deaf Terrier Mix, was upset when her dog dad had to leave her to go on a training tour with the army. Noelle’s dog dad was in the military. Even though Noelle was staying with trusted friends while her fur dad was away on business, she was still anxiously counting down the minutes until she could once again be with her most cherished human.

The family that was searching for Noelle while her fur dad was away routinely lends a helping hand at the adoption center located inside the PetSmart store in their area because they are so enthusiastic about animal welfare. While Noelle was in the area, she was able to tag along with the family to each and every adoption event that took place and wave goodbye to her four-legged friends as they went to their new homes for good.

Because Noelle was used to going to adoption fairs, she did not pay attention to anything unusual that happened when she joined PetSmart on one of their prior trips. Noelle, on the other hand, was blissfully oblivious that she was about to be hit with a mind-blowing revelation.

Noelle sat patiently in her cage, as she did every time she was present at an event like this one, and she observed as each of the excited pups was taken away by their new homes. It is almost as if Noelle was thinking about her fur dad, who was located far away, and looking forward to the day when the two of them would be able to be together again.

During the time that Noelle was sitting there musing in solitude, the grand surprise began to take form. Her furry father had just completed his military training a few days ago, and now he was on his way to the PetSmart event to meet his beloved girl.

Naturally, Noelle could not hear her father arrive, but the moment she laid eyes on him, she realized that her dreams had finally come true! She couldn’t wait to run into her furry father’s arms and give him all the puppy kisses he’d been missing out on while he was gone. When he finally returned home, she couldn’t wait to see him again.

As soon as the door to her box was opened, she immediately rushed into her fur dad’s arms and lavished him with adoration. Her shouts conveyed an unmistakable sense of excitement, and it was clear how much they needed to catch up with one another after the time apart.

Because it was such a sweet moment, every customer who was walking by stopped to witness the couple reunite after a long separation. We have no doubt that Noelle is currently curled up with her dog dad, just soaking up every second of love she missed out on while he was gone, and we are overjoyed that they have finally been reunited. We have no doubt that she is doing this because we are so happy that they have finally been reunited.

By Elen

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