Megan Fox does not hide the fact that she has a romantic life. Her children, who take up the most of her time and attention, are the subjects of her intense discretion and ardent concern. Discover more information about Noah Shannon Green, Megan Fox’s son.

The fact that Megan Fox was one of the most in-demand performers in Hollywood in the early 2000s was a major factor in her meteoric rise to fame during that time period. Her beauty continues to get compliments, despite the fact that she is a mother at this point in her life.

The actress, who goes by the stage name Jennifer’s Body and is 36 years old, and her ex-husband, the actor Brian Austin Green, share custody of their three boys. Noah Shannon Green, who is the kid of the divorced couple, has lately come to the attention of the media for questioning the legitimacy of conventional gender roles.

Megan gave birth to their son Noah on September 27th, 2012. She posted the happy news on Facebook, along with an expression of her and Brian’s delight in being able to identify themselves as their baby son’s parents. In the detailed note that Megan wrote:

“I will be eternally thankful to God for providing me with the opportunity to experience love that is both boundless and flawless,”

Brian and Megan have been careful to keep the details of Noah’s existence a secret from their followers, and they only update them on a sporadic basis. But Brian made an exception, and he freely declared his love for Noah on all of his social media platforms.

The year before, on Noah’s ninth birthday, Brian shared a photo of his son on Instagram. In the photo, Noah was sporting a nice t-shirt with dark green and yellow stripes, and his hair was styled in a little disheveled manner.

He showed his love for his kid while also expressing his shock that he had already reached the age of nine years old. Sharna Burgess, who is now dating Brian and is a professional dancer, also wished the small child a happy birthday.

There aren’t many many images of Noah available online; nevertheless, the ones that do show him give the impression that he has long hair, which has piqued people’s interest. Megan has been quite outspoken about the need of preserving a gender-neutral atmosphere inside the confines of the family. Her words were:

Around the age of two, Noah started donning girly attire for the first time. After that, I went out and bought a few books that discussed topics similar to these and provided a comprehensive overview of the subject matter.

Megan said that she began Noah’s unconventional approach to parenting when she was still pregnant with him. She said that she had a hunch that her kid would not conform to gender expectations.

The “Transformers” actress, in the end, was responsible for creating an environment that was devoid of such societal standards. Unfortunately, Noah had to deal with harassment and abuse at school on occasion as a result of the non-gender conforming attire he wore. She said that the only thing that mattered is that she is watching over him like a guard.

Fox, who is used to being on the outside looking in, claimed to be aware of the situation and couldn’t help but feel concerned about it. Megan thought that the little child had a lot of bravery, but she hoped that others who were close to him were more caring and understanding.

In addition, she struggled with feelings of guilt and questioned whether or not she had been an effective mother to her children. In the middle of her sadness, she came to the realization that she was unable to change the way other people felt about Noah or the way other children saw him.

Megan is the delighted mother of two additional children, both of whom were born while she was married to Brian: Journey River, who was born on August 4, 2016, and Bohdi Ransom, who was born on February 12, 2014. On the basis of looks alone, the two younger brothers were judged against their elder sibling.

Megan has three children, therefore from a professional sense, she is pickier about the jobs in the film business that she takes now that she has more experience.
Brian is a ferocious protector of his two boys, much as his ex-wife was. When someone online likened the boys to females because of the length of their hair, the boys’ doting father defended them by claiming that his children are attractive despite having long hair. He said that his children are handsome despite having long hair.

Megan takes a great deal of satisfaction in the role of mother that she plays for her three children. However, she has established a variety of rules and constraints that Noah, Bohdi, and Journey are required to follow in their roles as parents.

Her children are allowed to express themselves in whatever way they see fit, including letting their hair grow out to any length they like. She does not permit any kind of technology use in the presence of her children, including TVs and smartphones.

The actress from “Rogue” believes that technology is detrimental to the mental development of children. She avoids immersing her children in technology in favor of cultivating their creative potential and fostering an appreciation for the natural world around them.

Concern for the natural world, animals, and the food they eat is something that Megan has fostered in both of her kids. In addition to this, she has enrolled her children in institutions that promote veganism so that they may acquire knowledge about the cultivation of plant-based foods.

Megan, a mother who has a job that requires her to travel often, had the goal of establishing a routine for her children so that she would not be required to bring them along on all of her business trips. She said that she does not take photographs of them in this manner and that she avoids doing so.

Even while she does share images of her children on social media from time to time, she is careful to keep as much of their life private as she can. In the year 2020, Megan voiced her disapproval to Brian over the publication of information about their children on his social media account.

The former couple made the decision to end their relationship in 2021, more than 10 years after they had originally tied the knot. Despite the fact that they are no longer married, she and Brian continue to share parental responsibilities for their children. Megan and the rapper Machine Gun Kelly are now seeing each other as a couple.

Megan has three children, therefore from a professional sense, she is pickier about the jobs in the film business that she takes now that she has more experience. She knew that in order to set a good example for her children, she needed to step away from the risky roles she had played in the past, so she made the decision to give them up.

The stunningly beautiful woman proceeded by stating that she did not want her sons to see her in movies where she played characters who were mistreated or sexualized. She placed the friendship of her sons’ friends above any opportunity for professional progress.

Megan claims that having children was the thing that ultimately saved her life. After describing the challenges she had working in Hollywood, she went on to talk about how having children changed her perspective on life.

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