Typically, it is an estranged member of the family, an ex-partner who is still bitter, or simply any random stranger who is looking for free alcohol that crashes a wedding. One couple in Brazil, on the other hand, was surprised by an unexpected guest of the more furry and four-legged sort, and what followed was a tale that was quite heartwarming.

During Marlia and Matheus Pieroni’s tented So Paulo ceremony, instead of the bride herself, a stray dog that had come in from the storm outside went down the aisle to the wedding chorus. The dog was accompanied by the wedding chorus. The dog was taken away as the young couple made their way inside, but just as they were ready to exchange wedding vows, he came back and lain down on top of Marlia’s veil to have a nap.

At this moment, some women could have gone into Bridezilla mode, but not Marlia. Instead, she asked that the dog be treated as an official guest, and that was exactly what happened. “It was a really joyful surprise for me since I adore animals,” Marlia said with The Dodo about her reaction to the news.

The newlyweds continued their search for the unexpected friend as the night wore on, but he had managed to slip away without being seen. A search was launched throughout the whole city to find the stray who had won the hearts of everyone, with the intention of taking him in and raising him as their own.

By Elen

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