The first time Joanna and Chip Gaines crossed paths were in 2001 in Waco, Texas, at the automotive business owned by Joanna’s father. Chip was working there at the time. Chip went to the shop, and while he was there, he spotted a photograph of a family that attracted his attention behind the counter.

The television star said to Popsugar that he had known all along that he would marry Joanna after only gazing at that image of them together. He made many trips back to the shop in the vain expectation of running into Joanna there.

When Chip walked into the shop to have his breaks taken care of, Joanna was working in the office. This is how the two ultimately crossed paths. She remembered how they’d first seen one other in the waiting room and “hit it off instantly.”

The now-married pair published their autobiography, titled “The Magnolia Story,” in 2016, in which they recounted the story of their very first date together. Joanna was supposed to be picked up by Chip at six o’clock, but he was running late.

Joanna even entertained the possibility that he had the hours confused and believed the date was at seven o’clock. However, after first giving him the benefit of the doubt, after the number seven passed without his responding, Joanna’s curiosity waned and she said:

“At that point, I was completely finished.”

The star of “Fixer Upper” claims that her date did not come until seven thirty and that when he knocked on the door, Joanna urged her companions not to answer it. Chip said in an interview on “Today” that he was just twenty minutes late, and that Joanna was exaggerating the amount of time in order to defend him.

It was his wife who contradicted the notion by making light of the fact that her husband was always late for everything by an hour and a half. She referred to him as an “idiot” in front of her other friends at the flat, and she said that she did not want to go anyplace with him.

On the other hand, they were curious about Chip’s appearance, so when Joanna’s pals opened the door, she ducked so that she wouldn’t be seen. He welcomed the ladies in an endearing manner and then stepped inside the flat.

Joanna soon came out to have a look at her date, and she was surprised to see that he had suddenly gotten a haircut before arriving. To show his support for a buddy who is facing cancer, Chip got a buzz cut and shaved his head.

He was able to get Joanna to go out with him, but they didn’t end up doing anything in particular. Joanna said that he didn’t even apologize for being late and exuded confidence, but in the end, the past is all that remains of their relationship.

Despite the fact that the couple’s relationship got off to a rough start, it has developed rather well. Chip began planning his proposal to his fiancée after one year into their relationship. He invited her to a private performance that was located four hours away.

Joanna said that the mansion seemed suspiciously similar to the location of the couple’s first date.

However, instead of taking her to the location, he drove to a shopping mall that was located near the house where his parents spent their childhood. He made his proposal while kneeling on the ground. In order to purchase the engagement ring, they went to a jewelry shop that was operated by Billy Holder.

On the spot, Joanna was able to choose the specific style of ring that she desired. Holder, who had known Chip’s father from their time together in high school, was ready for the event and had prepared a phony diamond ring for Joanna to take home and show off to her family and friends.

When Joanna and Chip realized that they were each other’s soul mates, they pushed extremely swiftly to bring their relationship further. On May 31, 2003, they had a grandiose wedding party in Waco, Texas, and ever since then, they have been married and living together.

The event was hosted in the Greek Revival-style Earle-Harrison House & Pape Gardens, which dates back to 1858 and was constructed for the first time in that year. Joanna said that the mansion seemed suspiciously similar to the location of the couple’s first date.

The couple, who are both reality stars on HGTV, has been blessed with five children since they were married. Drake, the Gaines family’s eldest child, was born on May 4, 2004, making him a teenager today. He has 17 years under his belt.

Ella Rose, who is now 16 years old, was born on October 23, 2006, making her the second child. Next in line is Emmie Kay, who was born on February 1, 2010, followed by Duke, who was born on May 23, 2008, and finally, Crew, who was born on June 23, 2018, who is the youngest of the three children.

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