Both Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning are eager to give their careers another go almost two decades later.

The two actors, who appeared together in the film Man on Fire, directed by Tony Scott in 2004, grinned for the camera during a picture call on Italy’s Amalfi Coast in advance of the filming of their next film Equalizer 3, which will be released in cinemas in September of next year. Antoine Fuqua returns to helm the sequel, which also features Gaia Scodellaro in a starring role.

In June, when Fanning, then 28 years old, learned that she had been chosen for the role, she took to Instagram to share her excitement and referred to Washington, then 67, as a “legend”: “My appreciation will never cease for having the opportunity to share the stage one again with the great to end all legends. I can hardly wait.”

Her sister, the actress Elle Fanning, sent a comment on her own Facebook page in which she referred to the event as “the reunion to beat all reunions!!!!”

Lupita Ramos, portrayed by Fanning, is a little girl who is abducted and must depend on her former CIA bodyguard John W. Creasy, played by Washington, to save her. Fanning plays a young girl called Lupita Ramos. Christopher Walken, Radha Mitchell, Marc Anthony, and Mickey Rourke were among the other actors that appeared in it.

In the Equalizer flicks, Washington plays the role of Robert McCall, a former government agent who finds himself drawn back into d.e.a.d.l.y assignments. The first one was released in cinemas in 2014, while the second one came out in 2018.

After his performance in The Tragedy of Macbeth, which earned him an Oscar nomination, he discussed his plans to reprise his role in the action series with Collider earlier this year “I need to start working out again so that I can start punching people up. I got another chance to knock them up. The tragedy of Macbeth, followed by going out and bashing some people up — it doesn’t get much better than that, does it?”

During the promotion of Man on Fire in 2004, Washington complimented Fanning on her acting talents, despite the fact that she was still a child at the time.

“If you’ve already had a conversation with her, then you already know what a darling she is. She is an intelligent young lady, and having her around is nothing short of a delight. It’s impossible not to like her, “he disclosed to IGN at that moment. “Although Dakota is only a youngster, she has already shown to be a talented performer. The acting was what we had been doing all along with one another. I have no idea what a “kid actor” is supposed to accomplish. She is a kid actress who works professionally.”

During the same time period, a younger version of Fanning was quoted as saying that Washington “was very sweet, and I couldn’t wait to see him every day.” She continued by saying, “I want to be as successful as he is one day.”

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