Robert Irwin is content with his single life, but his elder sister, Bindi Irwin, is rooting for him to someday meet the love of his life.

Bindi Irwin, who is 24 years old and married to Chandler Powell, is expecting their first child, a girl named Grace Warrior, in March of 2021. Robert Irwin, who is 18 years old and the son of the late Steve Irwin, claimed that Bindi wants him to take some of the focus away from her.

According to an interview he gave with E! News, he said, “It’s very hilarious because of course, my sister has gotten married and had a baby and there’s always a lot of speculations that go around.” “Bindi is going to have a second baby, or they’re going to have triplets,”

Robert added: “Because there are always so many insane things that go a place, Bindi constantly tells Robert, “It’s your time now.” You have to locate someone who can take the pressure off of me!'”

The animal environmentalist, who recently released a new photography book titled Robert Irwin’s Australia, stated that he does not have any “big scoop” to consult in regard to his current dating life, but that he will “get there” ultimately. Robert Irwin’s Australia was the title of the book that he had created.

In spite of this, Robert was recently harassed by a lady who made an effort to gain his phone number when he was at the Australia Zoo in the month of June.

The lady referred to him as “so amazing” in a video that went popular on TikTok. She went on to say, “I was also wondering if I could get your phone number.”

After that, Robert demonstrated that he was a gentleman by saying to the visitor, “Well, I’m extremely pleased,” and then pointing her to his social media postings.

“I’ll tell you what: the easiest way to contact me is on Instagram because then my people can monitor it and see when it comes through.”

But the woman’s response to Irwin indicated that she did not find that response satisfactory. She said, “Well, I actually DM’d you last night to notify you that I was coming here today.”

He replied in a charming manner, “Oh no,” and informed her that once he discovered her name, he would “check it up.”

During his conversation with E! News, Robert said that he is having a great time playing the role of “crazy uncle” to Grace. He also offered an update on his 19-month-old niece, whom he referred to as “the sharpest member of the family.”

Robert said that “She is simply hitting all the benchmarks” in her development. “Being an uncle seems like a dream sometimes. It is the most incredible thing ever. Without a doubt, I can say that this is the finest work that I’ve ever had. Simply put, she exudes an abundance of vitality. She has such a strong will. She maintains her attention well and is rather bright for her age.”

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