Since the last time we checked in on the actor, performance artist, and self-proclaimed “real cannibal,” Shia LaBeouf, it has been quite some time. Many people may remember him most for his role as Even Stevens, a Disney television series when he was a kid actor. After that, he would go on to act in blockbuster movies such as Michael Bay’s Transformers film trilogy and Disturbia, which was released in 2007. In his later years, Shia took part in a number of performance art performances. One of them was a movie marathon in 2015, during which he appeared in each and every film he had worked on up to that time.

Unhappily, Shia also rose to prominence as a consequence of a series of controversies, several of which led to the police taking him into custody (contrary to popular belief, cannibalism was not one of them). It is now the year 2022, and it would seem that he has been given a second chance at life since he is now employed within the film business. What led to the decline in his reputation in the public eye, and what has he been doing in the time since then? Let’s discuss the controversies surrounding Shia LaBeouf.

The visage of Shia LaBeouf, who is both an actor and an artist, has been a rich source of material for online memes. Who among our generation of millennials hasn’t been motivated by his very encouraging “Just Do It” speech?

But despite the fact that many people found it simple to laugh with or at Shia in the past, he has a long history of being at the center of several scandals and controversies. In 2013, Shia was accused of plagiarizing a comic book in his short film titled Howard The incident took place in 2013. He would issue an apology for the charges at a later time, but at the time, his troubles were just getting started.

According to a report by the BBC, Shia was taken into custody in New York City in June of the following year for “disorderly behavior and criminal trespass.” In 2017, he was taken into custody once again, this time for disorderly behavior and public drunkenness as the charges against him. It’s been stated that he even yelled racial things toward the police officers who were already there. In addition, in the year 2020, he was accused of both theft and violence.

In the same year, Shia was the subject of criticism after charges of abuse made by the English performer FKA Twigs. The singer-songwriter filed a lawsuit against Shia, alleging both her own abusive experience with him and an event that she and one of Shia’s other exes had in common.

Due to the controversy surrounding the case, Shia will no longer be considered for any prizes for the film Pieces of a Woman, which will be released on Netflix in 2020.

That’s quite a record for someone who’s been a popular meme at several points over their career, which is quite a rap sheet.

Shia LaBeouf reemerged in 2022 with an entirely new perspective, a long time after being charged with criminal offenses in the year 2020. During an interview in August 2022 with Bishop Barron Presents, Shia said that he had been through “hell” before coming to the realization that Catholicism was the faith that was right for him. Following the controversies he was involved in, he believes that his newfound religion helped him through the process of overcoming the suicidal thoughts that he had.

In the interview, he says, “I know now that God was using my ego to pull me to Him.” “I know now that God was using my ego to attract me to Him.”

According to reports, his new faith also had a factor in the research he did for his leading role in the film Padre Pio.

His reappearance follows the announcement of the news of his participation in the film Don’t Worry Darling, which will be released in 2022. At the beginning of this month, the director Olivia Wilde said in an interview with Variety that the actor was let go from the picture in the middle of shooting because of his “combative energy.” In a subsequent interview, Shia would say that he left the production “due to a lack of rehearsal time.”

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