Kathie Lee said that “she made it really animal-centric” in her review. “The primary colors are beige and white, and it can easily accommodate any baby that may be born in the near future. It will hopefully serve as the nursery for the family till I have a need for bunk beds. When it takes place, we will discuss it further.”

Early in the month of June, Kathie Lee revealed the joyous news of the birth of her grandson on Instagram with the caption, ” “My chest is about to explode. The presence of Frank Michael Gifford demonstrates that the God we serve is kind, compassionate, and trustworthy. And he has affection for us!”

On Twitter, the ecstatic grandmother said this beside a second adorable photo of her grandson Frank: “What could possibly be a bigger marvel than the wonder of life itself? My happiness just cannot be contained. We give thanks to God for the blessing of having Frank Michael Gifford in our lives. 8 pounds and 8 ounces of unadulterated splendor.”

Kathie Lee tells PEOPLE that she is “grateful” to be able to share the new book The God of the Way, which she and Rabbi Jason Sobel co-wrote, with her audience. She also says that being a grandmother is one of the best things in the world to her. The publication of the book will be followed later this week by the premiere of a new film titled The Way. The film will contain “moving tales from the Bible brought to life,” and Kathie Lee will provide the narration for the film.

“She adds, “It’s a lovely season of new beginnings for me, and I wish more people as they age felt that way about the process – that God is not through with them.” For her, “spring” is a time of fresh starts. As long as our hearts are beating, we have a reason to live.”

On Tuesday, The God of the Way will be available at bookstores and other retail locations, and on Thursday, The Way will be released in movie theaters.

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