When Clover was only a puppy, Haley Moore and her family rescued her and took her in as a member of their family.

A little over half a year after that, Clover repaid them by helping to save Haley’s life.

While Haley and Clover were out on a stroll across the neighborhood, Haley suddenly started convulsing and fell to the ground. Clover was at her side while she received medical attention.

Clover immediately untethered herself from the leash, gave a quick glance in Haley’s direction, and then started walking smack dab in the center of the road.

Clover boldly kept her position even as a truck was approaching in order to stop the flow of traffic and ensure that Haley would not be struck by the vehicle. Dryden Oatway, who was operating the truck at the time, came to a halt immediately and stepped out of the vehicle to investigate the situation.

Oatway went to check on Haley, relocated her to a more secure area, and then rang the doorbell of the house that was the nearest to them.

On the other hand, Clover was not completed. She then drew the attention of a second neighbor, Danielle Pilon, who came over to help Haley out.

After that, Clover dashed back to the house to tell her family that she had bad news. Haley was already being cared for by paramedics before the Moore family arrived, and by the time they did, she was already inside an ambulance. She is, thankfully, in good health despite the fact that the reason for the seizure has not been determined.

Haley owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to Clover for having saved her life. She shared with 14 News that she believes she is ten times more protected knowing that Clover is there to watch over her.

The family praised Clover as a hero and presented her with a steak as a token of appreciation for her bravery and selflessness.

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