The love a mother has for her children is unaffected by the passage of time or physical separation from them. Even for moms who, for a number of circumstances, are forced to place their kid with a family that will raise them as their own. When a mother was able to see her daughter again after an absence of forty years, it was clear to her that this statement was no longer an abstract concept.

The horrible incident that Nancy Womac had through in 1979 is one that she hasn’t stopped thinking about to this day.

Melanie Womac was born to Womac in June of 1979, the mother’s first child. The path that ultimately led to her delivery was arduous and fraught with difficulty. Womac found out she was going to be a mother when she was just 16 years old. It was hoped that by placing her in the Bethesda Home for Girls in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, they might “rehabilitate” her after she had been abandoned as a child.

Later on, it was discovered that the house had a really abusive environment, which was certainly something you may have guessed.

During the time that Womac was present, she was subjected to both physical and mental abuse.

“From the main road down to Bethesda, there was a long dirt road. It just kept going and kept going, and suddenly it opens up to this huge white structure. It was just like waking up in a nightmare.”

She had been mistreated for a number of months prior to being sent to a hospital in East Ridge, Tennessee, in order to give birth to the child she had been carrying.

She said that when she went into labor, they just gave her a shot and knocked her out. “I remember going into labor,” she claimed. “I don’t recall having her. They may have wheeled me into the delivery room, but I don’t remember anything. Nothing sticks out in my mind at all. After that, she was nowhere to be there when I opened my eyes.

The infant was taken away from the new mother, and she had no clue where her child had been taken.

Womac never forgot her since she was her first kid. Even though she couldn’t participate in the festivities as much as she would have liked, she still made a cake for her birthday every year and celebrated her life. She maintained a count of the probable dates of major events, such as birthdays, her first day of school, and the loss of a tooth, as she tracked the years through her life. For example:

“I knew I was going to adore her from the moment I found out I was pregnant. Never stopped loving her.” – TODAY

Similar thoughts were going through Melanie Spencer’s head about her mother wherever she went in the globe.

Spencer is a native of South Africa and Indonesia, where he was raised after being adopted by missionaries. When she inquired about her mother, she was given the following information:

“…my original mother felt that it was very vital for me to be adopted into a decent Christian family.”

However, when Spencer ultimately relocated to the United States to attend college, she made the decision that she wanted to learn more about her mother, particularly once she had her own children.

Because of the results of the DNA test, the two were finally able to get in touch with one another and meet after a period of many decades.

The two reclaimed some of the time that had been lost over the years by spending days seeing one other’s families (actually, Spencer’s siblings!), looking at old photographs, and getting back in touch with one another. They are finally back together again, despite the fact that the events that transpired did not go according to either of their plans. The most significant aspect of the image, from Womac’s perspective, is a given. Her kid is aware that she has been cherished from the day she was born.

Womac promised that she would become aware of the facts. “I’m so thrilled that she will never doubt the affection that she received.”

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