A little boy in the state of Louisiana is being hailed as a hero after he assisted in the delivery of his baby brother at home and, in the process, saved the lives of both his mother and sibling. By keeping his cool and thinking quickly, the little boy of ten years old was able to save the lives of both his mother and his younger brother. Jayden Fontenot is the hero of the story, yet he doesn’t wear a cape or a costume. It’s not always necessary to hide your bravery behind a mask.

When Ashly Moreau, Jayden’s mother, got up on a Friday morning to use the restroom, she was exactly 34 weeks pregnant with her second child. Because she was in such a hurry to urinate, her water broke while she was in the middle of doing so. Her newborn’s feet were visible through the opening. Unfortunately, Ashly’s fiancĂ© was already at work when she got there.

Her children were the only ones who were there at her house. a boy who is 10 years old and a daughter who is 11 months old. In an interview with KPRC 2:

“It was the most terrifying experience I’ve ever gone through in my whole life.”

She then yelled for Jayden, who heard her and raced to the restroom, where he saw his mother in need of assistance with his unborn brother’s feet clearly visible. According to Ashley, it did not seem as if her baby was breathing. In point of fact, the feet had a purple color. Jayden escaped to his grandmother’s house, where he and his grandmother made a 911 call.

When most individuals would have been overcome with fear or terror, Jayden acted on his natural instincts.

When Jayden arrived home, he saw that his mother was on the ground, getting ready to give birth to their baby. Ashley claims that after taking a deep breath, he begged her to tell him what he needed to do, and he promised to carry out anything she instructed him to do. What a young man.

Jayden did not even come close to showing any signs of fear.
He maintained his composure and shown remarkable bravery. Ashley had informed him that they had to get his brother from the building as quickly as they could since he was unable to breathe. Jayden has no intention of giving up on his newborn brother or his mother.

Ashley continued to push with what little power she still had in her as he assisted her by giving his brother a little tug on the leg. They persisted in their efforts right up to the birth of the kid. His sibling was unresponsive and not breathing.

Jayden made a beeline for the kitchen in order to get a nasal aspirator in order to assist in the clearing of the baby’s airways.
Finally, emergency medical personnel came to assist in transporting the mother and child to the hospital. If Jayden hadn’t done what he did, the doctors claimed that his younger brother would have died from a lack of oxygen, and his mother would have died from excessive bleeding when she was giving birth to him.

Kelsey Richard, Ashly’s fiance, found out the news after the two of them had already checked into the hospital with their new baby. He said this to KPRC 2:

“It’s not often that you hear about things like this. It’s incredible how fearless he was in addition to everything else he was—calm and collected. He is a hero since he was able to save their lives.

Because it is so stunning, even the audience members were left speechless when they said, “Angels come in many forms and sizes, and that little guy right there is an angel.”

The courageous actions taken by this young guy are not something that everyone, even adults, would have done. In order to ensure that his mother and younger brother would emerge from the ordeal unharmed, he relied on instinct and tried to remain level-headed rather than freaking out. And when she was just ten years old!

He is without a doubt a hero.
In the face of a predicament so grave that it directly threatened the lives of two people, Jayden handled it with an extraordinary level of courage and composure. This might be the beginning of a highly successful and fulfilling career in medicine. Or of a crusader wearing a cape.

There is no question that Jayden’s younger brother will always look up to him because of the incredible narrative he will one day relate to him. I mean, he did assist birth him after all.

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