Emra, the military dog who belonged to Air Force Staff Sergeant Adam Wylie, hadn’t been seen in three years.

Adam’s Belgian Malinois was at his side through some of the most trying times of his life. Adam’s life started to fall apart when he was freed from jail only 25 days after the birth of his daughter. This was a particularly difficult time for him.

They worked together in a foreign country from 2012 to 2014, during which time they were both there. Emra was at his side at all times, not just to provide a hand in the military but also to give him emotional support. She was always there for him.

Since Emra is now nine years old, her time in the military is officially over, and she has retired at this point. Emra served as a military child. Adam was in luck since he was able to give her a forever home!

You can see the video of their touching get-together down below, in which Adam is overcome with emotion and unable to hold back his emotions. Emma’s excitement increased exponentially as she saw her trainer.

Adam is relieved to have Emra back and intends to provide her with a peaceful and joyful existence once she is no longer serving in the military.

By Anna

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