Arya’s mother, Christine Duggan, said with The Dodo that her daughter’s personality is “very laid-back.” “Her character demands attention at all times and would relax all the time if you allow her,” Duggan said. “She is beautiful, and the kindest canine I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.”

Even though Arya is generally rather well-mannered, there are occasions in which she behaves inappropriately and thus finds herself in trouble.

Duggan said, and I quote, that “She does always act guilty when she is in difficulty.” Because she does not get into trouble very often, you are able to identify it when she does.

As soon as Duggan arrived at her house and saw that one of her pairs of flip-flops had been damaged in some way, she had no trouble identifying the person who was responsible. She snatched the sandals off the rack and went to approach Arya, who was at that moment avoiding eye contact and putting on her best guilty expression.

Duggan said, ” I discovered the flip-flop as soon as I went inside the residence.” “She was relaxing on the couch, and I could see the pieces on her bed, which is next to the sofa in the same room,” I said. A few of weeks before the incident, she had already behaved in the same manner previous to eating my sandal. So she is able to detect when she is in a difficult situation!

Arya attempted to put on an act as if she had absolutely no clue what her mother was talking about as Duggan reprimanded Arya for eating the flip-flop; nevertheless, the look of remorse and embarrassment on Arya’s face unmasked her deception. She continued poking her head through to check whether she was still in trouble, putting on what was most likely an extraordinarily innocent face in her head while doing so.

She buried her face in embarrassment as soon as she saw me pick up the flip-flop, according to what Duggan said. “When she looks like that, she won’t even realize that I’m talking to her, much alone glance at me or acknowledge that I’m speaking to her,”

Arya made an effort to deny that she was in danger, but she is just too genuine for that. Eventually, Arya conceded that maybe she should not have chewed up her mother’s flip-flops after all.

Naturally, Ayra was quickly forgiven for destroying the flip-flops, and she went back to being the laid-back and naive canine that she is at her core. After all, who could really be sane when confronted with such a beautiful face?

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