A lot of people have dogs because they want their homes to seem more complete, and one of the perks of getting a dog is having the opportunity to pick out a nice new bed and some new toys for them. This makes the experience of getting a dog even more memorable.

However, there are some individuals who are cruel to their animals, particularly their pets.

It is perplexing that some individuals simply seem to decide that they don’t want a dog after they have already taken on the responsibility; unfortunately, this is sometimes the starting point for instances of abuse, neglect, and even desertion. This seems to be the case in the following account, which describes how a scared puppy dog was discovered in the most deplorable living circumstances.

We can never understand humans who expose animals to such mistreatment in the first place, but thankfully, the small dog was rescued, and he is now on his way to leading a happy life.

“He’s only a puppy!” you exclaim.

The well-meaning individual skipped meals in order to make a phone call to Stray Rescue of St. Louis after seeing a little puppy in a building that was littered with garbage and debris. In addition to being a filthy and disgusting place to dwell, the property was utilized by the neighbors as a dumping ground for undesirable items that they owned. When the rescue team came, they discovered the scared dog hiding behind a mound of junk, with wounds covering his face. The dog’s face was covered in debris.

” He’s only a small puppy, that’s all! His eyes are swollen and bloodshot, and he has many puncture wounds throughout his face. “Despite all that he’s gone through, he is in such a good mood,” Stray Rescue posted on their Facebook page. “He is no longer in danger.”

Even though it was obvious that the small puppy was quite anxious, it seemed as if he was aware that he was being saved, as shown by the fact that he began wagging his tail as soon as rescue worker Donna got near to him.

The people who came to the dog’s rescue gave it the moniker Chowder as they sought to figure out how it had gotten into such a precarious situation. The good Samaritan who made the call noted that some individuals in the vicinity were active in dog fighting, which meant that there was a possibility that tiny Chowder had been used as a bait dog by one of the dog fighters. We can’t even begin to fathom how terrible it would be for a little puppy like us.

The little dog couldn’t contain his emotions any longer.

It was obvious that Chowder was filled with emotion as he buried his face in Donna’s chest the moment the rescue workers took him into the truck. He had no right to feel anything except relief at the prospect of leaving his sorry excuse for a house.

Stray Rescue penned in their song, “He Just Hiding His Face in Our Arms on His Freedom Ride,” “He Just Hiding His Face.” “The whole idea of somebody mistreating him makes us feel like crying our eyes out. This angel is dependent on us. We owe a great debt of gratitude to all who called in for taking action.

Chowder is now resting and getting well at the sanctuary, where he will remain until he can begin his new and hopefully happy life. The fact that he is such a lovely puppy leads us to believe that it won’t be very long before someone adopts him. Regarding his previous owners, we hope that they will eventually come to the realization that they are not cut out to take care of animals in any capacity.

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