Sweetheart Biscuit was the fortunate cat that Animal’s Cottage saved in the middle of the night. He was a scared little kitten when he first arrived to Animal’s Cottage, but owing to the affection of the volunteers there, he has blossomed into a sociable and charming angel. He was just placed in a foster family where he is flourishing and having the time of his life.

Animal’s Cottage employees reported hearing the wailing of a young cat named Biscuit near their facility on many occasions over the course of several days. It’s possible that he was weeping in an attempt to locate his mother after she had left him. After numerous fruitless attempts to capture him, the people who were trying to help him decided to give it one more go when they discovered Biscuit perched on the wall of the house next door. That time, in contrast to the other occasions, they provided adequate lighting in order to locate the little kitten more easily. But as soon as the search team got closer to him, the kitty bolted off to another location. Thankfully, the people who came to the rescue were able to grip his body and pull the youngster to safety.

After being placed in a carrier, Biscuit was transported to the Animal’s Cottage animal sanctuary. It seems that he had a terrible fear of people. The people who rescued Biscuit took him to the top of the animal shelter so that he could rest there without being bothered by any of the other cats. However, the small kitten did not quit meowing even after thirty minutes had passed. Biscuit retreated when he saw that he was being approached by another person. The unfortunate young child required the rescuers to attempt to reach him in a variety of different methods. At first, they tried to feed him good food and provide him with clean water, but the kitten refused both of these things. He didn’t realize that it was time for the dinner until he was exhausted and the tears had caused his throat to become dry.

After regaining his strength, Biscuit continued to conceal himself. Despite the fact that the people who came to his rescue exhausted their patience trying to persuade him, the terrified small kid did not trust them. The group was required to give the kitten space so that he could relax and run free without interference. The following day, they saw Biscuit enjoying the dinner with another animal buddy who was staying at their shelter, and it made their hearts melt. They felt that particular moment was the most precious to them.

The initially hostile kitten eventually transformed into a kind and loving angel as a result of the love and care provided by the people who rescued it. He quickly made a lot of friends at the shelter and was well liked by everyone there. After some time had passed, we took Biscuit to the veterinarian for vaccinations and a checkup on his overall health. We have reason to rejoice in the fact that the little guy is leading a healthy lifestyle.

By Elen

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