After then, the 1-year-old girl’s good luck took a turn for the better, and the remarkable change that occurred in her is evidence of that.

When Heather Martin found out about Stella, she immediately knew that the two of them had to get acquainted with one another because she wanted to add a new furry addition to her family.

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Martin tells The Dodo that a coworker had notified her about Pooches Out of Puerto Rico, and that she and her husband had investigated the organization. “We couldn’t help but fall in love with Stella right away.”

Stella needed to first get medical attention from a veterinarian before she could become a member of Martin’s family. Martin described Stella as being “caring, loving, lively, interested super chewer, that likes to be in the sun.” Stella also enjoys basking in the sun.

Martin said that Stella had been abandoned in a landfill, but she had managed to live by sleeping on top of a garbage can and eating whatever she could find. “She was infected with scabies, roundworms, and hookworms to an extraordinary degree. When they rescued her, she weighed barely nine pounds.

After receiving medical care, Stella was transferred to her new residence so that she could settle in. The appearance of the homeless dogs completely changed as a result of Martin’s affection for them.

The event led to the adoption of a second animal from the rescue organization, this time a dog by the name of Lulu, so that Stella would have a companion her same age with whom she could grow up. And Martin’s life is given a fresh sense of optimism as a result of Stella’s “cuddle bug” disposition.

Martin said that Stella had in fact been a source of positivity in his life.

“[She] is aware of the times when we need affection, and she will definitely give us hugs. She is looking for nothing more than love, and she really is the greatest.

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