Ozimar, also known as Galego, was moved by the situation of the dog and decided to look after him until he could find someone to adopt him. However, twenty days have passed and the dog still does not have a home of his own to call his own permanently.

They discarded him before entering the shop. When we arrived in the morning, he was already there. We felt so bad for him that we brought him here and are now feeding him, but the poor animal is stuck in this predicament. According to him, because his two front legs are bent backwards, he is unable to walk.

Due to the dog’s position on the board, which prevents it from moving since both of its paws are open, its owners affectionately dubbed the animal Seal.

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The tire technicians relocate him around many times during the course of the day, but in the end, the dog ends up dragging himself through the muck in order to make contact with the only other animal that is nearby, a stray cat that wanders about the tire shop.

Lindomar Queiroz said that the dog is cooperative and is searching for veterinarian care; unfortunately, the owner does not have the financial means to pay for it.

Because of the way he looks, we’ve taken to calling him a seal. When we first captured him, he had a very low body mass index, but ever since we’ve started feeding him, he’s been putting on a lot of weight. “We don’t give a damn if he’s filthy because of the rain,” Lindomar shouts.

The canine’s abandonment prompted indignation on social media, and a couple from Porto Velho has just acquired Foca as their own pet as a result of the uproar.

After finding the pit bull abandoned on the side of the road, the staff of the tire repair shop took care of him for more than three weeks, providing him with food and water. In the beginning, they referred to him as “Foca,” but once Michele took him in and adopted him, she changed his name forever.

“I knew right away that this was the one. His dilemma had a profound effect on me. She is already weak, but the fact that she is so obedient and loving makes her even more helpless. The trainee in business economics said, “I couldn’t help myself—I fell in love with him.” “I adore him. I find that I am at a loss for words. I adore him to the moon and back. “The emotion of Mother.”

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