It has been said that Tom Cruise is interested in having a fling with Brad Pitt’s ex-wife. Even many people have the misconception that the actor is not scared to go off the beaten path in order to approach the woman of his dreams simply because of Angelina Jolie.

Tom Cruise and Salma Hayek were spotted out and about in London, England, enjoying a meal together not too long ago. Salma and her husband, who is a billionaire, attended a party together. Outside of the event, she was very excited to take pictures with the actor from “Mission Impossible.”

There is a widespread belief that Tom Cruise initiated contact with Salma Hayek because he was interested in pursuing Angelina Jolie. The fact that Salma and Angelina are working together on the project “Without Blood” is common knowledge at this point.

At the beginning of this year, there were rumors that Angelina Jolie and Tom Cruise were romantically involved. He hopes to start a relationship with her, eventually get married to her, and also find opportunities to work with the actress who played Mrs. Smith in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

Despite this, Tom Cruise has not been able to carry out his plan to win the heart of this U50 beauty because Angelina Jolie is currently preoccupied with the care of her six children as well as her own work. Angelina Jolie recently ended her relationship with Brad Pitt.

In point of fact, up until this point, Tom has not been seen in public with anyone else since his divorce from Katie Holmes in 2012. As for Jolie, she has not confirmed that she is dating any man, despite rumors that she is dating a young man named The Weeknd. Jolie was mentioned in connection with these rumors.

Tom Cruise is one of the most talented movie stars in Hollywood, and throughout his career, he has won a number of prestigious awards. The year 1981 marked the actor’s first appearance on a major motion picture, and to this day, he looks as good as ever. There aren’t many actors in Hollywood who have been able to keep their charisma for more than three decades, but Tom Cruise is one of them. Tom Cruise has recently been able to add a significant amount of money to his bank account thanks, in particular, to the accomplishment of the project titled “Top Gun: Maverick.”

In particular, a report by Box Office Mojo indicates that the worldwide revenue of Top Gun: Maverick has surpassed $ 1.2 billion in fewer than two months since it was released. Additionally, as of right now, Tom Cruise has made approximately $142.2 million from the film.

Tom Cruise’s career-best performance can be found in the film Top Gun 2. Additionally, it has the distinction of being Paramount Pictures’ highest-grossing film ever produced. Tom Cruise had previously agreed to receive a bonus equal to twelve percent of the movie’s gross revenue (not including the initial remuneration).

“Tom Cruise has been the highest box office grossing man on the planet for the past 35 years, including his heyday in the 1980s,” said Brodie Cooper, an employee of the marketing company PRrppd, USA. The numbers for this are incredible. It is impossible to fathom the fan’s level of devotion to him. After grossing more than £100 million from the film Top Gun: Maverick, Tom Cruise achieved the status of self-made millionaire.

The publication Mirror believes that this is a commendable reward for Tom Cruise. In the year 2020, the actor declined the opportunity to make Top Gun: Maverick available on live streaming services. Cruise is willing to abandon the project and take a financial hit in order for moviegoers to have the opportunity to experience the epic moments of the film on a larger screen.

According to Variety, the movie about Tom Cruise’s super pilot continues to make an impression at the box office even after it has been in theaters for two months. Over the course of the weekend, the movie made $11.7 million, bringing its total earnings in the domestic market to $609 million.

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