What advice does your dad give you if you really want a dog but you know you can’t get one because you have allergies? Let’s get started on making it happen by looking for the ideal stray dog to adopt. How very adorable is that?

Violet has been requesting a puppy for as long as her father can remember, which is quite a while. She keeps repeating the same five words over and over again, “can we have a dog?,” which are really significant to her. Sadly, the response she received each time was the same, “no.”

Her father has described the experience of telling her that she is unable to do anything as “endlessly sad.” Her first best friend was a dog called Bailey who belonged to her grandparents, and ever since then, she has had a deep affection for canines. Her first word was even “dog!”

But Violet likes all dogs. She loves all of them, no matter how big or how tiny. Unfortunately, she is allergic to them, and any contact with them causes a strong response in her. Therefore, it’s a terrible disappointment for the young dog lover. The situation is made much more intolerable by the fact that her sister is free to touch as many pets as she pleases.

Violet has always wanted a puppy, and her dad is determined to make her wish come true by finding one for her that she won’t have an adverse reaction to. Because certain people’s allergies are less likely to be triggered by certain pure-bred canines, dad began there. They found a few breeds that Violet’s allergy didn’t react to, which is wonderful news.

However, the search for one of these canines did not begin with a breeder, despite the fact that this would have been the simpler option. The family felt that it was very vital to save the life of a dog. Therefore, dad began doing study and looking for an appropriate canine companion for Violet.

After two weeks and several phone calls, it seemed that they had not gotten any closer to finding their dog. Then, one day, the rescue organization received a call informing them that they had a cute Maltese who had been discovered roaming the streets in West Texas.

The joy that the father felt was palpable, and he couldn’t wait to share it with his children. First, the new dog had to go to the veterinarian, and then it had to be brought to their house. However, the sisters were able to watch a video of their new puppy, and it was love at first sight for all of them.

They went shopping and made sure to get Chloe everything she needed as they waited for her to arrive. Even though they hadn’t met her yet, she already had a lot of fans in the group. She was one fortunate young lady to have found her way to such a wonderful family.

Chloe’s new family welcomed her with open arms when the day finally arrived for her father to get her from Project Freedom Ride and bring her to her new home. It was clear that the girls were just as thrilled to finally see her as she was to finally meet them. All around there is love and warm embraces. Hugs and kisses for the puppy, as well as plenty of available laps for her to sit on.

We really hope you delighted in hearing about this heartwarming animal rescue. It is incredibly inspiring to witness a family that is so committed to saving the life of a dog so that it may be a companion for their daughter. As usual, I encourage you to talk about this with your other friends.

By Elen

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