Through the SPCA New Zealand, Sam Mannell is now providing foster care for a litter of kittens. The little kittens have just been alive for three weeks, which means that they are still learning about the world around them. For this reason, Mannell will look after them until they are mature enough to be adopted by another family.

“They’re bottle-fed and a bit shy, but beginning to play now,” Mannell said in an interview with The Dodo. “The one in black believes he’s a human, the one in cream is incredibly feisty, the lad in ginger is highly independent, and the tiny one in gray is really timid and little!”

The four kittens really like discovering new places in Mannell’s home, and as a result, they have been having a lot of fun recently. After finding out that it was Mannell’s sofa, they hurriedly climbed over it to start playing. On the other hand, after all of the adventuring, they ended up being fatigued and soon fell asleep together.

Because Mannell wanted to take advantage of the peace and quiet, she made the decision to get food. But as soon as she tore into the chocolate bar, all four of the kittens sprung out of their slumber instantaneously. It had only been around 10 to 15 minutes after the adorable kittens had fallen asleep when Mannell roused them into a frenzy by opening the feeding bowl.

Even though the kittens are quite young, it is clear that they are already familiar with the smell and taste of food. They all opened their eyes at the very same moment as they heard noises of meals being prepared. They stared carefully at the chocolate until they understood that Mannell would not be sharing it with any of the other people.

“They went back to sleep right away,” remarked Mannell after the event had concluded.

As soon as they fell back asleep, Mannell was finally able to savor her food and the peace and quiet that came with it. She devoured the food in a hurry before they awoke and resumed their journey of discovery.

By Anna

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