Quishon Brown, 43 years old, was taken into custody by Memphis Police on Tuesday, July 12, and charged with severe animal cruelty, setting fire to personal property, and simple assault, according to the police department.

On June 20th, the well-intentioned citizens of Nutbush sprung into action when they saw a dog running down the road in the neighborhood. A disturbing video from that day shows what seems to be a ball of fire going down the street, while the dog can be heard screaming loudly throughout the process.

Riona is the name that the rescuers at Tails of Hope Canine Rescue gave the dog after they discovered that she had been set on fire with an accelerant. As a result of the fire, Riona suffered burns of the fourth degree, which covered around sixty percent of her body.

Mallory McLemore, a veterinarian who works with Tails of Hope Rescue and Bluff City Veterinary Specialist, expressed her delight at the news that someone had been apprehended for animal cruelty. However, she expressed her hope that the rules in this area were more stringent.

The video footage of property on Berkshire allegedly showed a guy in the yard only 36 seconds before the dog escaped away from that residence and was seen racing down Hood Road. This information was provided by the Memphis Police Department.

On July 11, around 8:30 p.m., police officers were called to that location and told that the man responsible for setting fire to the dog was speaking to other people and claiming that he was going to burn down the house of whoever gave that video to police and news stations. When the officers arrived, they were told that the man in charge of setting fire to the dog was speaking to other people and claiming that he was going to burn down the house.

Brown was taken into custody on Tuesday, and according to the police report, he is being charged with lighting the dog on fire.

Amazingly, the dog, whose true name, according to the authorities, is Queen, is anticipated to make a full recovery.

It is expected that she will make a complete recovery. It is possible that she will be fully recovered in three to four months from this point forward, provided that she tolerates the anesthetic properly. McLemore said that all that would be required of us would be to arrange for the necessary surgical procedures and allow for a recuperation period of three weeks after each operation.

Tails of Hope Canine Rescue has been giving regular updates on the dog’s health, and at one time there was a $20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person or people responsible for setting fire to the canine.

Riona will continue to get support from people all throughout the nation as Brown is now going through the legal system.

” It’s fantastic to see just how her story has genuinely impacted people all around the globe,” Mclemore said. “We have a lot of them from California and from Montana and from Michigan.”

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