The connection between Tom Jones and Linda Jones was really a marriage made in heaven. Jones and Linda spent their childhoods playing together after being born in the same neighborhood in Pontypridd, South Wales. Their homes were literally next door to one another.

Jones freely confesses that he has romantic emotions for Linda, although the two of them were already good friends for a long time before they realized they had romantic feelings for each other. Eventually, when they were 16 years old, they began dating, and a short time later, they wed.

A few months later, they were finally ready to start their married life when they gave birth to their lone child, Mark. The first six years were filled with happiness, and Jones eventually found work at a glove factory so that he could provide for his family.

After that, he found a job in construction and spent his evenings exploring his interest in music. Jones, who was just 24 years old at the time, fortunately, shot to prominence and quickly garnered momentum in the music scenes.

Within a short amount of time, the phenomenon of the 1960s was spending most of his time away from home on tour. Despite this, Linda was a rock for her husband and kept the household running well. Despite this, they continued to be very close with one another and would talk on the phone every single day. Jones elaborated on the special connection between them:

“She was an integral part of me, and I was also an integral part of her. Regardless of the location, we were in.”

The marriage of Jones and Linda was the model of a successful and enduring partnership. They tied the knot when they were young, and have been married to each other for about sixty years since then. A terrible event in 2016 brought an end to what had been a lovely marriage for the couple.

In 2016, Linda lost her “short but courageous” fight with lung cancer. Her passing was a devastating loss. Jones had spent most of his life with Linda, and the two of them had shared every experience together. He was inconsolable now that she was no longer there.

Jones said to People, in an interview that was his first public statement after the passing of his wife, that the loss of his wife was a difficult experience for him, and that he did not know how to deal with the loss. Even after all these years, he is still seeking for methods to deal with the trauma.

However, he has made a lot of progress in the past few years, including visiting a grief therapist who encouraged him to perform Bob Dylan’s soul-searching love ballad “What Good Am I.” This song caused him to think a lot about his wife and whether or not he would have wanted things to be different if she were still alive. He has made a lot of headway in the past few years, including this.

The singer of “Can’t Stop Loving You” revealed this information during an interview with BBC Sounds. He said that a piece of him passed away with his wife, and since then, things have never been the same. He said:

“When I found out that my wife had cancer, I believed the end of the world was near.”

Linda kept Jones grounded over the years, even when it seemed that his stardom was getting to his head. Since she was no longer in his life, the singer could not help but worry about who would come to his rescue now that he was without her. He was fortunate to have his son Mark, who is now his manager, to help him stay grounded and cope with the loss of his wife.

Jones has always thought of Mark as more than just a son. In addition to their emotional connection, Mark serves as his father’s manager, thus the two work together professionally as well. After Jones’ manager and close friend Gordon Mills passed away in 1986, the mantle was passed on to him.

Jones’ fame started to decline after he had achieved success with his music in the 1960s and 1970s. Mark succeeded his late father, Mills, as the company’s manager when Mills passed away. At the age of 29, Mark endeavored to resurrect his father’s career, and two years later, Jones was at the top of his game, showcasing his hitmaking ability to the world once more. Mark’s efforts were ultimately successful.

Mark was successful in convincing Jones to record even better songs with even better producers and to cooperate with hitmakers such as Jack White, Hugh Laurie, and Maniac Street Preachers. Jones will be thankful till the end of time for that. He explained:

Mark and I have a connection that can only be described as one of a kind.

Jones expresses his gratitude to Mark for everything that he has done to further his musical career, but he also expresses his satisfaction that his son is engaged in an activity that brings him joy. “You should realize that he is competent in many areas than only his work. He loves doing it.” He added.

Mark, however, is proud of the fact that he has been able to take care of his father in addition to managing his father’s job. Jones’ propensity to go out drinking has been consistently reined in by him, and he has often been able to halt Jones in his tracks. Mark says:

“I can’t stop harping on him about his drinking. He is aware that I am sincere, and I am aware of the significance that it has for him.”

Jones is proud to be a grandpa to Mark’s two children, Alex and Emma, whom he shares with his architect wife, Donna. In addition to being one of the most famous singers in the history of the industry, Jones is also proud to be a grandfather.

Following his meteoric rise to fame in the 1960s, Jones went on to become one of the most cherished singers in the history of the globe. Through his music, he spoke with people all over the globe, and as a result, he gained an enormous following.

On the other hand, he had a shadowy side that presented a risk to those who were closest to him, including his wife and kid. The more famous he became, the more he indulged in extramarital relationships despite being married.

Among the extramarital relationships that were brought to light was a rumored three-year affair with Charlotte Laws, a two-year affair with Mary Wilson of The Supremes, and the third one with Marjorie Wallace, who held the title of Miss World at the time.

The musician best known for his hit “Never Fall in Love Again” has said that during his career he has slept with a number of different women, despite the fact that his marriage to Linda was a secret. Despite this, he is certain that the link he has with his wife is still strong and that she has always been his first priority in life.

His relationship with model Katherine Berkery, which resulted in the birth of his son Jonathan, is the one that has been recorded the most. Jones initially disputed that he was Jonathan’s father until a paternity test that was ordered by the court in 1989 confirmed that Jones was really Jonathan’s father.

After the DNA test confirmed that Jones was the biological father of the child, he committed to providing a monthly maintenance payment of 1,700 pounds until the child became 18 years old. Jones didn’t start acknowledging his kid until a few years after he reached 18, despite the fact that he fulfilled his half of the contract.

Jones has refused to establish a connection with his love child, who has said that he does not want anything from Jones other than the opportunity to talk to him face to face, despite Jonathan’s efforts to convince Jones to communicate with his love kid. Jones says:

“That was not anything I had in mind to do. I fell for a trap. I gave in to the temptation and fell for it.”

According to Jones, if he had planned for Jonathan’s conception, he would have done more than simply make financial preparations for the baby. According to reports from the year 2019, Jonathan had acknowledged to having a drug addiction in order to help him cope with his father’s disapproval and had spent years living on the streets on and off. Despite this, Jones is unwavering in his determination to avoid communicating with Jonathan.

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