There are certain performances that have the potential to give you shivers all over your body. When world-famous vocalists Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson collaborated on stage for a Broadway duet, the ensuing performance was nothing short of extraordinary.

Everything went down on one of the evenings of Josh Groban’s Stages Live event, which ended up becoming a special that was shown on PBS. The set list included several iconic numbers from musical theater, one of which was a timeless standard from “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Broadway has long been one of Josh Groban’s favorite art forms. The day finally arrived when he was able to turn his goal become a reality by producing the CD Stages, which had a number of different musical songs from stage.
On his website, he elaborates as follows:

“Theatre, particularly musical theater, has always had a special place in my heart. Since I was a senior in high school, I’ve had a secret desire to perform these songs.

On his CD, Josh performs a rendition of “All I Ask of You,” which was originally written for The Phantom of the Opera. Because of this, he needs an exceptional singer to serve as his Christine. His selection was Kelly Clarkson, and she was the one who performed the duet with him.

When it was revealed that there would be a Stages Live event, everyone was in for a great surprise. This event would give fans the opportunity to watch their favorite covers performed by Josh brought to life. During the course of the performance, he broke it down like this for the audience:

“When we were producing this album, and I was going to record this song, I knew that this duet had to be done in a very, very unique manner since I was going to be recording it with another person. And, the recording has to take place with a really notable vocalist…

Naturally, he was talking about Kelly when he said that. After a few moments, she emerged from the shadows into the bright lights while wearing a stunning black dress. It just so happens that The Phantom of the Opera was the very first musical that she ever watched, but she is a huge admirer of Broadway anyway.

In the song “All I Ask of You,” the characters Raoul and Christine DaaĆ© sing a duet together. Kelly tells the audience that playing Christine is a role that she has always wanted to portray. Because of Josh, she was given the opportunity she had been waiting for.

After a brief introduction consisting of instrumentals, Josh begins to sing toward the end of the introductory segment. When he sings,

“Stop talking about the nighttime, and put an end to these irrational worries.” Since I am here, there is nothing that can hurt you. You will feel comforted and at ease as you read my words…

It just takes a few lines for Josh to illustrate what an outstanding vocalist he is, which is the reason why he has captured the hearts of such a large number of people. As people listen to him play, there is a noticeable change in the expressions on their faces.

After that, Kelly takes over with a voice that immediately sends shivers across the audience. It becomes immediately apparent that she, too, has a flair for singing in musical theater.

As they take turns singing “All I Ask of You,” the dynamic between the two singers is brought into clear focus. However, when Josh and Kelly mix their voices, it takes on a beauty that is on a whole other level. The sound causes one to lose the ability to breathe for a moment.

The Broadway duet that they perform has won the hearts of many who use the internet. On its own, the film that was uploaded on YouTube has received more than five million views.

When asked by Billboard about the possibility of performing “All I Ask of You” alongside Kelly for his album, Josh responded as follows:

“Whenever you can take a classic song that everyone knows and add a wonderful surprise to it, that’s always the finest thing,” said the singer. “That’s always been the best thing.” You manage to exceed the expectations of others around you. Therefore, I believe that Kelly and I performing this song together is one of those things.

The video that follows is their live performance, which is certain to give you chills.

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