Dogs, in general, are known for their unwavering devotion to their masters. There is little chance of a dog giving up its master just due to the fact that the master is ill or in danger. The two obedient dogs, Bob and Chiara, are wonderful illustrations of this concept.

The Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) in Bauru, Brazil, was able to thankfully preserve its owner, José Antônio Pereira, from convulsions on November 1st. The 47-year-old guy was discovered laying on the ground next to his two dogs, both of whom were exerting their best efforts to defend him. Rosy and Lourdes, who were also members of the ambulance crew, were responsible for calming down the dogs so that they could provide first aid to José.

Bob and Chiara were successful in their search for their cherished owner. Even after he was placed into the ambulance, those individuals remained outside and continued to rush around the vehicle as if they were looking for a way to get inside. People came to the conclusion that it would be best to transport them in the ambulance.

The animals remained by their owner’s side while he was transported to the hospital, concerned about his well-being the whole time. Rosy and Lourdes came to the conclusion that the wisest course of action would be to let them go inside with the ill guy. If they hadn’t taken the dogs with them, it’s likely that they would have tried to catch up with the ambulance and hurt themselves in the process.

When José arrived at the hospital, he was hurried to the emergency department, which was next to the area where his two devoted dogs were confined outside. However, there was never a moment in which they entertained the idea of deserting him. The dogs waited patiently outside as their master was transported to the recovery room and began to feel better.

José was kept under watch for the whole of one night. The next day, his health had improved to the point that he could go back home. He must feel quite pleased with his two dogs, who have become his closest companions and have never abandoned him, even at his worst moments.

By Anna

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