Meet Petey, the dog who, due to the fact that he was unique, was abandoned in a park together with his sibling to perish. A mother from Sacramento, California, saw the dogs while she was escorting her son home from college. Upon seeing them, she did not waste any time taking them to the nearest veterinarian. They were famished, worn out, and as cold as ice all at the same time. Petey’s sister passed very soon after they arrived at the clinic, but Petey made the choice to continue fighting for his own life despite her passing.

When the veterinarians saw that the puppy was unable to walk around normally, they immediately suspected that something was amiss. Cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological ailment, was identified as Petey’s affliction. This finding suggests that his brain has not yet reached its full potential.

According to a statement sent to The Dodo by Dr. Laurie Siperstein-Cook, a veterinarian at the Sacramento SPCA, “this may occur due to genetic factors or illnesses in the mother during development.” “Head bobbing, clumsiness and falling are some of the symptoms,” the author writes.

Doggy’s foster mother, Westphal-Thomson, characterized Petey as “rowdy, interested, and goofy.” Petey, on the other hand, is still a highly playful dog. “He also has a good deal of self-assurance and likes making new acquaintances…”

He has mastered the ability to feed on his own and likes tearing about the house and being held. The stray puppy was quickly taken up by a kind couple who have shown him nothing but affection and who, due to the fact that he is special, would never give him up again.

By Anna

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